Dirty Talking Women Need Spankings

dirty talking womenDirty talking women enjoy you spanking them. Well, some of us do at least. I am a submissive whore.  Although I hated getting spanked when I was younger, I now crave it. I guess for me, it all depends on who does the spanking. As a little girl, daddy spanked me. But not because I acted out or back talked or anything like that. But because he enjoyed it. Spanking my bottom gave daddy sexual pleasure which soon led to fucking my ass as a schoolgirl.

When I entered my teen years, he spanked me less, but he still forced his cock in my holes. Eventually, I ran away, but found my current master. He made me love bare bottom spankings again. Perhaps, I just grew to like it or maybe it is because master loves to spank me for our pleasure. It’s not about cruelty or hurting me. But more about our mutual pleasure.

Plus, nowadays I am more seasoned with pain and humiliation. But as far as masters go, master is the best one I have ever had. However, he is getting old and feeble. So, he wants me doing dirty phone sex so I can get a taste for what’s out there in the modern world.

Plus, I have an income when he retires. Currently, I am his paralegal and I have been for many years. Some of you men who call me for submissive phone fun scare the fuck out of me. I will not lie. But at the same time, you make my pussy very wet.

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