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Dirty phone talk with Jessica

dirty phone talk

I had the hottest call last night and I just have to tell you about it! I’m still so turned on and can’t stop finger fucking my cunt and thinking about it! My dirty phone talk lover called because he had read my blogs and saw that my son has owned me for a few years now. It made my sub slut cunt gush when he told me that he owns his mommy too! He told me every naughty detail about how he uses her. He told me about pumping her holes full of cum and then ramming his cock down her throat and forcing her to lick him clean. He even breeds her and nurses her to keep her tits nice and full of milk for him! I rubbed my pussy and listened to him tell me about the way he started fucking her and training her to be his property. After hearing the methods he uses to train his mommy and keep her in line, I’m missing my son more than ever. I know that serving you would please my pussy while I’m missing my owner. Don’t you want a hot, sub slut milf to use tonight??



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