Dirty Talking Women are Not Vanilla

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the only ones you want to phone fuck. Trust me. Vanilla girls are boring. I am a dirty mom. I am a far cry from vanilla. I can act respectable when I need to, but I rarely need too. Most men don’t want respectable. Last night, I attended a school function with my boys. It was this summer thing they do to give the pupils a chance to meet their teachers for the upcoming year. The parents get to meet them too. It’s an open house sort of thing. I tried to dress like a proper mom, but I have big tits so I can’t really hide them. My middle son’s home room teacher was fucking hot. Young guy, fresh out of college. He had milf fever because I got all the attention from him. My son was telling me I should tell him I am a phone sex MILF so he would call me. I didn’t want to talk to him. I wanted to fuck him. A 23 year old guy can fuck a forty something woman like a rabbit. I flirted. He flirted back. I told him how to find me on Facebook. We weren’t to the next classroom yet when he sent me an FB request and an IM with a picture of his cock and his phone number. He must have gone straight to the bathroom because the shirt showing in the dick picture was the one he was wearing. My son encouraged me to send him a naked picture too. I have sent so many pictures to my son, so I had a shit ton on my phone. He just about died when he saw my bald beaver. It was all I could do to get out of that open house so I could get home, freshen up and go meet a 23 year old to fuck his brains out. He fucked me just how I expected and just how I wanted.

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