Dirty Talking Women Give the Best Head

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are popular on and off the phone. I had a boy show up to my house today because he heard I talk like a sailor and fuck like one too. I love it when strangers know my reputation. I didn’t know him. He said he goes to school with my middle daughter. In fact, he added that she blew him in the locker room at school earlier that morning and when he complained about the bad blow job she told him to see me. That is my baby girl. She loves to send me her leftovers. She also knows no one gives head like her whore mommy. I have been sucking dick longer than either of them have been alive.  I told him to get the fuck in the house and he popped wood in is pants. He did like a dirty talking mama.  I grabbed his pecker through his jeans and said, “Tits, cunt, fuck, shit, asshole, cum, piss, pussy, cock….” He got harder every dirty word I said. Cussing like that was fore play for me, but I dick teased him with each word. I unzipped his pants to fix the problem I created. I bobbed up and down his shaft until he was screaming for me to make him cum. Any man begs for me to make him cum, I am on that shit. I love the taste and feel of cum. I guzzled his cock down my throat like a staving brat from Ethiopia. I am a cum guzzling gutter slut and damn proud of it. After he spewed a load of chunky cum on my face, he said, “Damn, you are a cock sucking queen.” Hell, yes I am. My daughters are too. I knew my daughter just gave him bad head so I would get to drain his big fucking nut sack.

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