Out on the Streets Now

Dirty phone talk

You fucking bitch I know you been sleeping with my boyfriend. I know what you’ve done I found out what you were doing when I’m at work. You are always acting like you’re such a fucking happy, flirty free spirit but you are the most scandalous bitch I know. I swear you behave like dirt. I knew when you came to my front door begging me for a place to live that I should have turned my back and closed my door. Instead of letting you rot outside, I let you into my home I let you sleep on my couch. When you didn’t have a job I gave you money, and I fed you, you filthy fucking whore. You decided that you wanted to show your appreciation for all of my giving and kindness by taking my trust and my man’s hard fucking cock. You are disgusting you are a piece of Alley Cat trash, and I know that I hate you. You see girlfriend before you came I was a freak with my man. We installed cameras all over the house for when we had nasty sexual rendevouz. You were not a part of the plan tramp, you are a fucking loser that’s why you’re so stupid. I saw my boyfriend’s bone hard cum-filled cock pounding your ass hole I heard you screaming from the passionate pain that he imparted on you. I saw the way that you gobbled his cock down your trashy a slut throat. You fucking cunt whore I know you think that you did something unusual but you didn’t do anything surprising at all. You are just one of the xxx-tapes that we are going to sell and by we I mean my boyfriend and I. You’re the dirty bitch you are going to end up on the streets while me and my boyfriend fuck to your videotape porn addition in our very extensive volume.

Fantasy phone sex


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