Dirty Talking Women being Publicly Humiliated

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like me will do anything for cock. I got super drunk last night at this fetish club. I had gone down to this new after hours bondage club to find a master for the night. I did too. His name was Master Tom. He was half my age, but he made me address him as master. We played in one of the rooms for a couple hours. He loved spanking my bare ass. He also loved using huge sex toys on my ass. Abusing my fuck holes was not enough for him, however. He wanted to tell other men to use me and he wanted to publicly humiliate me. It turned me on that he wanted me to go into the parking lot and shame myself to the parking guys. He thought it was funny to watch the help, as he put it, use me. I had to get into my car and expose my ass. That was not enough for him. I had to oink like a pig while I wriggled my ass. The Hispanic parking attendants were howling at me. They stopped laughing long enough to come over and gang bang my old fat ass. Master Tom was right. It was humiliating but arousing too. I had to leave their cum in and on me all night.

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