Dirty Chat Mistress Gemini Loves Taboo

Taboo is such a broad term and I am your dirty chat Mistress Gemini, and I love taboo!!! Some of the dirtiest desires you may be harboring in that mind of yours are just what you need to bring to me. We can discuss anything, and I seriously get off on being a nasty talking no limits phone sex slut.

So tell me what gets your cock all hard and throbbing? Maybe the thought of this sultry seductress tantalizing your prick with a simple thing like watching me take a piss in a back fucking alley. I would expect you to get down and lick my piss drenched cunt and maybe even you could be my toilet. I believe that urine is a total fucking aphrodisiac and suspect if you love golden showers then you will agree with me!

Dirty Chat Gemini

Fuck, just thinking about the golden nectar from my cunt pouring out all over your rigid cock has me all fucking turned on.


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