Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talkI am a really naughty girl and I tend to put myself in situation in which I can always fall a victim to. One of my uncles hot son’s is walking around my house and we are home alone. I of course am being a tease. I am walking around flaunting my holes and trying to really catch his attention.

I walk around to make his cock grow really hard. Sure enough it is bulging out of his pants and he comes up to me and asks me aggressively that is this what I want. He grabs my hand and forces it on his cock. It is really fucking hard. Before I can tel him that I do indeed want his cock. He pushed my down on the floor and unzips his cock out.

He spreads my thighs really wide open and he forces his cock into my tight little pussy hole. He pumps his cock harder and faster inside of me. I wanted his cock but maybe he is being so forceful since he thought I would say no. He is holding my down to the floor and his balls are beating up against my ass. He does not stop being his fat dick harder inside my tight pussy lips.

He takes his cock out of me and makes me slide my mouth around it. He starts fucking my skull. I was salivating all down my tits. He tells me to suck up that hot cum from his dick hole. I can not believe how much there is.

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