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Dirty Talking Women with Hairy Pussies

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women have hairy pussies. Hair is coming back into style. I was told the other day I had a nice retro bush. I almost lost it. I was laughing so hard. I think of my pussy as a classic beauty.  Before 1995 almost all women were what you call bushy beauties. I am proud of my pussy. It is a real woman’s pussy. I am all natural. I do not dye my hair. I do not Botox. I do not shave my pussy either. I may trim it, but I love being a novelty. I enjoy being a pleasant surprise to a young man who has only seen hairy beavers in old 70s and 80s porn. I picked up a high school boy the other day at the park. He was wanting some of what this phone sex milf was offering. I needed his cock. I sucked his cock, so he felt obliged to return the favor. Most young men do not know how to eat pussy, and here was this teen boy wanting to lick me back. Of course, I let him. I told myself, if he fucks it up, I can teach him some things.  When I pulled my panties off, he was amazed. He had not seen a woman with a hairy snatch except on old porn. He called my pussy, “So retro.” I told him the classic style never goes out of favor. He buried his tongue in my twat like he was looking for gold. Hot damn, it felt good. I enjoyed him. I enjoyed his young hard cock. I enjoyed his cunt licking skills. And I enjoyed his love for my retro hairy pussy. So, tell me. Do you enjoy a hairy beaver too? I bet my furry pussy reminds you of dear old mom.

Sexy MILF Esmerelda

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Dirty Talking Women Are Sissy Trainers

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are sissy trainers too. I love my online sissy boys. I love my sissy sons more though. I have twin boys. While I was training sissies online, they were playing in my panties. They were discreet, so it took me a year to realize I had sissy boy wannabes. Once I knew what was going on with them, I went into sissy training mode. I dressed them. Frilly dresses with petticoats and bloomers. I did their make-up. I taught them how to cross their legs like a lady. I also taught them how to suck cock. You cannot be a true sissy and not suck dick. I took them to a glory hole for some dick action. I did not want strangers realizing the dick sucker on the other side of the wall was a young schoolboy. That first day, they became cock sucking faggots for life. Once I realized they were natural cock suckers, I started bringing men over for us to share. I wanted to perfect their cock sucking techniques. A good sissy is a great cock sucker. And a great cock sucker is in high demand. My sons never want for cock. Even if one of my lovers does not want to fuck one of my sissy boys, they can still eat the cum from mommy’s cunt and get their jizz fix. If I trained my two sissy boys, I can train you too.

Sissy Mom Coraline

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The Nastiest Dirty Phone talk Mommy

dirty phone talkHow much of a dirty phone sex milf do you want me to be for you?
You know how a scumbag mama like me will go to any length. I’m yours to do whatever you want as long as you can drive your used-up dick down my throat, sucking and eating all of that gooey cum. After I slurp all of that yummy cum off of your throbbing dick, how about you force that monster dick into my ass and stretch out my tight hole? I want you to whip your dick out of me and force that dirty dick into my mouth when you’re about to cum deep within my p-mommy ass. Make me eat my own crap like the toilet whore I am. Choking and gagging because I can’t take how nasty it is! All you’ll see is my filthy brown spit trickling down to your balls from my lips. Make me clean you up by forcing my head under those massive cummed laden balls. Maybe if we get a little nastier, you can shove my head down a little deeper into your asshole. Make me taste not only my asshole, but also yours. It’s time to take this trashy whore to her limits and back again.


Order me to sit on the ground and call me a druggy disgusting dirty talking women whore.


Big Daddy, put a blindfold over my eyes and knot it tight so I don’t see anything. Then, as you place my hands behind my back, let me feel those cold handcuffs pinching my wrists. I hear footsteps approaching me shortly after you have restrained me. I can smell horny men’s musty sweat. When you remove my blindfold, I notice ten men surrounding me, staring at me as if I were the last piece of ass on earth. Command that I be the best Gangbang slut mommy you have ever seen. Wet my dirty milf cunt! My hands are still behind my back as I get down on my knees. I’ll show you how a wicked cum whore with no hands can choke on all these big fat hard dicks. Covered in warm cum and golden piss from these dicks for hours on end! I’m not going to stop until every last man has smeared his thick cock cream and warm piss on my body. Even if that means I’ll have to grovel for it.

Subby Mommy Elizabeth

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Dirty Talking Women are P Grannies Too

dirty talking women Dirty talking women are full of stories. P stories too. I am a new grandma. I always liked my boys to be at least a young teen to fuck me. That is because much younger than that and their dick will fall out of my pussy. But I have discovered that girls can be any age. I cannot fuck a girl the same way a boy fucks me, but I can eat and finger little bald cunnies. I was late to the incest game with my son and daughter. They were fucking each other for a couple years before I found out and joined the fun. I was sorry I had not joined them sooner. Now, my son and daughter have a daughter together. And I am a grandma because of incest. I never thought I would be the kind of woman into such young pussy, but my P men callers have turned me into a dirty P granny. I enjoy bathing my angel because I get to rub her little cunnie and lick it when it is squeaky clean. She pees on me when I lick and finger her. But her pee still tastes sweet at her age. I am sold on young pussy now that I am a sexy granny. I bet I can sell you on young pussy too.

Sexy Mommy Victoria

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Dirty Talking Women Get Submissive

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women get submissive, and I make sure I’m a submissive whore for you. My masters know I will follow direction and take all their punishments and rewards. Makes me think of my last session with my master. He had tied up to the bed posts. His favorite is the flogger. He loves the sound of the straps as it hits my skin. He went all over my body using his flogger hard to make my skin sting and red. He shoved his cock in my mouth as he spanked my pussy and fingered my ass. I get so wet and gooey when he uses my body the way he does. I was hoping he would reward me by fucking my pussy hard and deep until I came on his cock. But the more he fingered and played with my ass the more I knew he was going to be fucking my ass that night. As I felt his balls swollen with his cum, he pulled them out my mouth and lifted my legs over his shoulders. Using the wetness from my pussy he shoved his cock in my ass. He went deep and would hold it there so I can feel it throb inside me. He kept pounding my ass as hard and deep as he could, he played with my clit fast looked in my eyes and told me to cum now! What master asks for he gets and I came hard. Feeling my pussy pulse sent him over the edge and I felt his cock pulsing and pumping gooey hot cum in my ass. He left me tied up the rest of the night but made sure to take lots of pictures.  


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Dirty Talking Women Will Have You Needing More

Dirty Talking Women Dirty Talking Women is something I know you love. We know exactly how to satisfy your kinky needs. You will be begging for more. I like hearing you be. It gets my pussy dripping wet and ready to fuck. Lucky for you I will drink and get high to the point that you can do whatever you want to me. Waking up and having a cummy filled cunt is something I love having, your cum drip down my legs and oozing out of me is what I want. I’ll use it to play with my pussy as I try to remember all the nasty filthy things you did to me.  If you fuck me in my ass, I want to feel the soreness from your pounding. I want to be able to feel your cum ooze out of my ass too. Knowing I went to sleep with cum taste still in my mouth and cum filled pussy and ass is why I love getting high and drunk so you can use and abuse me. That is why I will give myself to you, and I know you will be begging for more and needing Dirty Talking Women like me. 


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There are no Safe Words in Dirty Phone Talk

You are a bad little boy, aren’t you!

And bad little boys deserve to be spanked!

That is why you call Dirty Talking Women like me….to give you the punishment you crave!Dirty Talking Women

I will have you bound and gagged, collared and on your knees, pleading for another lashing!

There are no safe words on  these Kinky Phone Sex lines!

You belong to me and you will be a very obedient submissive…if you know what is good for you!

There is a lot of work to do for naughty little boys like you!

You will look like the prettiest little maid in your leather uniform….black corset cinched tight, a cock cage to keep those boys in check and a sweet little apron tied in a pretty little bow above the crack of that cute little ass, as you are on your knees licking the floor clean!

You can’t expect a Goddess like me to walk on such filth!

Every inch needs to be mopped with your tongue and if you miss even the tiniest speck of dirt….

A nice sharp Smack on that ass should correct that deviant behavior!

When you are finished, I may let you stroke that cock a few times!

Just until it drips!

I wouldn’t want you to cum all over these nice clean floors!

You will need to ask permission to unload that mess in the toilet and you know you will have to lick that clean when you have finished!

Now, let’s get this Dirty Phone Talk started!


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Dirty Talking Women Are Perverts

The best Dirty Talking Women are complete perverts. It’s obvious that there are many perverted p daddies in the World, and it’s awesome. Understand that I am a complete politically incorrect trashy p mommy with brats.

Dirty Talking Women

If you understand that p-daddy term and know what a p-mommy is, it’s best to call for that taboo fun. My best attributes are to be the naughty milf with fuck meat brats. These little fuck holes are the best way to relieve your daddy stress and all of your man juice. If you’re cock is small, also known as a peacock, then you know the treats I have for you.

It’s a reality there are guys that are so un endowed that they were meant to be what they are. Those little pea pods need to pump their peas in somewhere and I have those perfect bald fuck holes.

You know I am often approached by these pervert daddy’s when they see me and brood about town. We just seem to advertise these attributes that get those p daddy cocks throbbing. I bring strangers home to let them violate the tiniest holes. They get to taste the little slits of young pussy. It’s the finest way to pump out the spermies into sweet little holes.

Isn’t Kinky phone sex the only thing on your mind right now?

It’s not something I care to control. You know those perverted desires. I need to see a big daddy cock penetrate and fuck my daughters and sons. Perhaps we can arrange something. I think we will all be happy with a little discreet fun.

Dirty Mama Irene

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Filthy Teen Phone Sex Whore

I know you have talked to a lot of dirty talking women.Dirty Talking Women

They tease your cock, make you stroke for them, and leave you hard!

But I got what you want!

Yes, we all have tight pussies, dripping with sticky sweetness.

And we all love to take that rock hard cock in our juicy asses, backing up like we can take another ten inches!

But not everyone can handle your need for no limits phone sex!

I know you have nasty taboo phone chat desires and I want to be your bitch!

Use me as your whore and leave me lying in a puddle of cum and piss!

String me up and suspend my body and destroy my heart shaped ass!

When that is gaping so much you can’t feel the stroke, plunge that hard throbbing cock deep into my wet cunt and fuck me until I cum!

Cover my soft pretty tits with enough cum to feed a small country and then force that cock down my throat and order me to clean it!

I am a filthy teen phone sex whore and I needyou to own me and push me to the edge!




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Dirty Phone Talk With A Tramp

dirty phone talk


Dirty phone talk with Hadley the tramp. See, some women like me do just about anything to get off.  We were the girls who used hair brush handles to masturbate and cold cucumbers from the refrigerator. Anything That could make us feel good down there! Ad lord help you if you found your mom and dad’s toy stash! I never thought it gross to share my mommys vibator or play with my daddies cock ring! I wouldn’t even wash them after I played with my pussy. I would put them back in the box and push it back under their bed. Sometimes I would hear the buzzing and mommy and daddy moaning. I would try to envision what he was doing to her and rub my own little kitty! I never understood why I would lash out at my mommy the next day. 


I hated my mom. I wanted to be her under daddy, daddy making love to me! 


One day as I shouted at my mom that she was a whore, and she left running and screaming to work, My daddy grabbed me and brought me to the floor. The last words I heard were her calling me a jealous cunt and telling daddy to handle me! 

I was so angry and when daddy kissed me and put his hands on my teen tits I knew I had him! I threw myself at my father that morning. Stripping off my clothes and struggling to get his cock free. I want to be your dirty talking women to replay all this with you!

I expected him to stop me, but daddy only wanted o lavish my hot tight body. His tongue in my fat bald pussy lips for almost an hour while I screamed out daddy and tears of ecstasy ran down my face. 

And his dick going inside me for the first time was heaven and hell. It would be the start to my addiction with sex.

Dirty Hadley

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