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Dirty phone talk gets me off when I watch porn

Dirty phone talk is fucking fun to do when I watching porn. Especially when I get to see a big cock getting jerked off and busting a big nut. The last time I got to see a cock cum in my face left me even more addicted. The neighbor kid next door had been caught jerking off. His mother was telling me and I decided to use that for me to cum hard. I knew his parents were leaving for work and there was no school due to the holidays. I invited him over to help me with some boxes and when he walked in I was playing with my cunt. He was surprised but I could see his young cock was hard. I told him to pull it out and right away he did. It was easy to instruct him to stroke his dick for me. He surprised me by how big it was for a highschooler. I didn’t stop playing with my cunt and I could see him just staring at my cunt. I was ready to squirt and I told him to lick my cunt. As soon as I felt his tongue on my mouth I squirted on his face. He stood up trying to catch his breath and dripping in my squirt juices, so I told him to keep stroking. I sucked the head of his big young cock and he started cuming on my face and tits. I told him Dirty Talking Women like me love watching boys like him jack off.

Dirty phone talk


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Dirty Talking Women Horny Housewives!

Dirty Talking Women I was so bored this afternoon at home all alone, I decided to order myself up a nice cheese pizza from my favorite delivery boy! When my treat arrived, I had already been masturbating for about an hour so my pussy was pounding in need. I swung the door open to the hottest teen cock I’ve seen in my life, I could tell he was hung and I wanted to ride his cock. I invited him in telling him I needed to look for some spare cash but all I really wanted to find was his hot beef sausage deep inside my cum thirsty pussy. I pushed my panties down and spread my legs wide so he could see my wet slippery cunt. His eyes were bulging as I finger fucked my hole right in front of him, within moments I had him balls deep in my cum slot. The delivery boy was excellent, the pizza was cold by the time we were all fucked out!



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Dirty Talking Women love hearing Erotic sex stories at night when horny

Dirty Talking Women know how to use their big fat juicy jugs to jack you off. I know as a BBW I get to use my tits to jack your cock off and get it leaking on my tits. I love when I see your pre-cum drip on my juicy jugs. It gets my cunty wet. I just bend over for you and spread my ass so you can get a good look at my fat cunt. You know how much you love getting a front row view of my fat wet pussy that right away you jam your cock in my cunt. You love how I bounce my ass back on it is what you told me when we were talking about Erotic sex stories we really love. I finally cream your cock up and you blast your load in me. We really love Dirty phone talk; it is how we get some of our favorite taboo ideas to come true. My wet cunt proves how much i love getting my holes filled up, my mouth fucked, and my big juicy tits sprayed with your hot thick gooey nut

Dirty Talking Women

. If I get lucky, I get to film it and save it for later.


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Dirty Talking Women let daddy fuck their asshole

Dirty Talking Women are made when they are touched and played with when young. That is what daddy told me. He said when you get them young and turn them into little sluts they will say and do anything you want. That is what happened to me. Daddy started touching my little cunty any chance he got. It was his favorite game to play with me. He called it the pointing game. He would use his pointer finger to fuck any hole he wanted and would point to any where he wanted me to click and suck. He even let me point to where I wanted daddy kisses. It was easy for him to get me to do anything he wanted because I wanted to make daddy happy so when he pointed at his hard daddy dick, I knew I had to kiss it and suck it until his daddy cream came out. One night daddy said our pointing game was going to get better. He said he was going to use something better and bigger to play our game and he pointed at his daddy cock. His daddy meat was hard and excited already as he told his little girl to bend over. I did as daddy asked and right away daddy pointed his cock at my little rose bud. Once he forced and pushed his daddy dick in my ass, he pounded away telling me I was winning the game.

Dirty Talking Women

Then I felt it, his daddy meat was pumping inside me, and he told me I won the game. Now when I do Dirty phone talk, I think of daddy.


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Dirty Talking Women Will Be Your Submissive Whore

Dirty Talking Women let you use them and show them what a Submissive Whore gets. I know my place so when my new owner came to get me, I bowed down like a good whore and asked for my next task. He had me undress and open my mouth. After I did that, I got a taste of his cock as he throat fucked me. After he used my mouth, my new master tied me up.

Dirty Talking Women

He wanted to show me how a Submissive Whore is supposed to be. As I was tied up and dangling, he used his favorite toys to break me in for the first time. He paddled my ass until it was red and welted and even fucked my cunt with his favorite toy, forcing me to cum. That was the only way he knew I was a good whore, by me cumming of his abuse.  He jacked off watching me dangle and my pussy drip. When he was about to cum, he sprayed me all over my face, followed by a golden shower to mark his territory. When he was done, he just left and told me to wait for my master until he wanted more. I was happy I found what i needed on a Dirty phone talk session.


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Dirty Talking Women are Dominating

Dirty Talking Women can be the most mischievous of women making them great and dominating. I can vouch for this from my own experiences of being a dirty talk kind of woman.

Making men into putty by my very presence is great. You wouldn’t stand a chance when I laid my gaze on you. I talk so refined and filthy like it was nothing for me. It isn’t, I’ve always had a bad mouth on me. Thing is though, I back it up, every filthy bit of it. Hahaha…. I am a Dirty Girl Phone Sex Goddess, after all.

So when this neighbor of mine started flirting with me when his gf wasn’t around, this gave me power. It’s how you take and use that power is everything. I was attracted to him and used his flirtations to my full advantage. Taking advantage of him and getting that dick. I excel in this area, and even more when I can manipulate and blackmail hi now.

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Girl Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women Get Rough Asshole Fucking

Dirty Talking Women love to hear Erotic sex stories while they finger fuck their pussy hard and shove a dildo in their asshole. I get fucked in my asshole and it makes me squirt.

Dirty Talking Women

Last night I got master’s whippings because he had a bad day. When he was done my body was red and welted. It made my pussy wet when I saw the pleasure he was getting and how much his cock was poking out his pants. So, when he laid me on my back, I felt like my pussy was going to be pounded too. He lifted my legs and spread them and while staring me straight in the eyes, to see if I would flinch, he shoved his cock in my asshole. I tried to keep a straight face, but I couldn’t. It only made him more excited, and he fucked my asshole harder and harder. He then started spanking my pussy hard as he pounded me. The feel of his hand on my pussy and clit drove me over the top and I came hard. Seeing my pussy cream from his cunt spankings he started pumping my asshole with all his semen. I love being able to go on Dirty phone talk so I can relive every moment I have with my master. 


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Dirty Talking Women are the Hottest Women Around

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the hottest women on the net. I am a real woman. Not some Botoxed, silicone Barbie. I am just a mature sexy woman who loves to fuck younger guys, even younger guys I am related too. Honestly, I have so much fun fucking my son and my nephew. I have a stepson too who is still a teenager and he lives with me. Whenever I want, I have three stiff cocks who want to take care of me. I love to fuck. Ever since I hit my sexual prime, I cannot get enough cock. I am a cock hungry cougar. This morning I had three hard cocks before I even was out of bed. I was asleep when my stepson woke up with his morning wood. He came straight to me to relieve him. We were fucking when my nephew arrived and joined the fun. He does not mind sloppy seconds. I was fucking my nephew when my son arrived with his big morning wood. I love that the boys in my life know where they can cum. See what I did there? LOL. They can come over anytime to cum in me or on me, hopefully both. My son pumped his cock in my pussy but came on my face. Before I even peed or had some coffee, I had three loads of boy jizz. That is the best way to start any day.

Sexy Mommy Victoria

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dirty talking women rule it all

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women show their holes to men when they are horny. I pop up the cam and start giving a show to all the men worldwide. They love to watch me fuck my boyfriend on camera. We get high and start to get naughty. My cunt loves attention, and whenever I find someone willing to play with me on camera, I know they are a keeper. Not many guys would love for their significant others to get nasty on the phone or the web. Luckily for me, my man gets off knowing so many people are watching me play with my clit and suck his dick. The amount of money that comes in is out of this world. I enjoy shopping sprees and spa days. They all get paid.

I will enjoy every penny I get from these fuckers because they all give it to me freely. I love to suck cock so everyone can see me deepthroat so hard. All I need is jizz deep down in each hole of mine.


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Dirty Talking Women Have Big Cocks

Dirty Talking Women have the big fucking cocks you dream about. No one knows deep down inside you love sucking dick. When you see me, you get on your knees, you beg me to let you suck my cock. I love teasing you with my big tranny dick and I rub it all over your face and make your face glossy with my pre-cum. I make you crawl around the ground begging like a desperate dog bitch in heat that needs to be fucked. I bend over and make you lap on my asshole like a hungry puppy. My she-cock starts throbbing and you wiggle your ass in the air whimpering like a pup slut. I ram my big tranny dick deep inside you and you yelp out.

Anal phone sex

Finally, you got what you have been feening for. I use you like my fuck toy cum dumpster and jack hammer my tranny cock hard and fast inside you. I love using you hard. It makes me blast a big load. I then send you home sore and dreaming about me. That is why you do Dirty phone talk when you can’t get to me.


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