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Dirty Talking Women Get Rough Asshole Fucking

Dirty Talking Women love to hear Erotic sex stories while they finger fuck their pussy hard and shove a dildo in their asshole. I get fucked in my asshole and it makes me squirt.

Dirty Talking Women

Last night I got master’s whippings because he had a bad day. When he was done my body was red and welted. It made my pussy wet when I saw the pleasure he was getting and how much his cock was poking out his pants. So, when he laid me on my back, I felt like my pussy was going to be pounded too. He lifted my legs and spread them and while staring me straight in the eyes, to see if I would flinch, he shoved his cock in my asshole. I tried to keep a straight face, but I couldn’t. It only made him more excited, and he fucked my asshole harder and harder. He then started spanking my pussy hard as he pounded me. The feel of his hand on my pussy and clit drove me over the top and I came hard. Seeing my pussy cream from his cunt spankings he started pumping my asshole with all his semen. I love being able to go on Dirty phone talk so I can relive every moment I have with my master. 


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Dirty Talking Women are the Hottest Women Around

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the hottest women on the net. I am a real woman. Not some Botoxed, silicone Barbie. I am just a mature sexy woman who loves to fuck younger guys, even younger guys I am related too. Honestly, I have so much fun fucking my son and my nephew. I have a stepson too who is still a teenager and he lives with me. Whenever I want, I have three stiff cocks who want to take care of me. I love to fuck. Ever since I hit my sexual prime, I cannot get enough cock. I am a cock hungry cougar. This morning I had three hard cocks before I even was out of bed. I was asleep when my stepson woke up with his morning wood. He came straight to me to relieve him. We were fucking when my nephew arrived and joined the fun. He does not mind sloppy seconds. I was fucking my nephew when my son arrived with his big morning wood. I love that the boys in my life know where they can cum. See what I did there? LOL. They can come over anytime to cum in me or on me, hopefully both. My son pumped his cock in my pussy but came on my face. Before I even peed or had some coffee, I had three loads of boy jizz. That is the best way to start any day.

Sexy Mommy Victoria

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dirty talking women rule it all

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women show their holes to men when they are horny. I pop up the cam and start giving a show to all the men worldwide. They love to watch me fuck my boyfriend on camera. We get high and start to get naughty. My cunt loves attention, and whenever I find someone willing to play with me on camera, I know they are a keeper. Not many guys would love for their significant others to get nasty on the phone or the web. Luckily for me, my man gets off knowing so many people are watching me play with my clit and suck his dick. The amount of money that comes in is out of this world. I enjoy shopping sprees and spa days. They all get paid.

I will enjoy every penny I get from these fuckers because they all give it to me freely. I love to suck cock so everyone can see me deepthroat so hard. All I need is jizz deep down in each hole of mine.


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Dirty Talking Women Have Big Cocks

Dirty Talking Women have the big fucking cocks you dream about. No one knows deep down inside you love sucking dick. When you see me, you get on your knees, you beg me to let you suck my cock. I love teasing you with my big tranny dick and I rub it all over your face and make your face glossy with my pre-cum. I make you crawl around the ground begging like a desperate dog bitch in heat that needs to be fucked. I bend over and make you lap on my asshole like a hungry puppy. My she-cock starts throbbing and you wiggle your ass in the air whimpering like a pup slut. I ram my big tranny dick deep inside you and you yelp out.

Anal phone sex

Finally, you got what you have been feening for. I use you like my fuck toy cum dumpster and jack hammer my tranny cock hard and fast inside you. I love using you hard. It makes me blast a big load. I then send you home sore and dreaming about me. That is why you do Dirty phone talk when you can’t get to me.


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Dirty Talking Women Love Being Druggy Hookers

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women love to do rails and get blown. I got a room and told my dealer I was ready to get some blow and make a deal with him. When I opened the door, it was him and his friends. Being a hooker, I knew I was going to have to suck their cocks off or fuck them until all their nut was drained from their balls. I told them I am not going to give my holes up for free. I am a hooker not a charity case. They gave me a bag of blow and I made some lines. Snorted all I wanted and as soon as I felt the rush of it running through my veins, I got naked and started pulling at their pants. I wanted cock now that I was high, they pulled their big fat cocks out and like hooker slut I sucked them up until they were hard. I did more blow and I bent over and showed them my wet bald pussy. One by one they took their turns fucking my whore cunt until they filled me up and their balls were empty.


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Dirty Talking Women Can Get Away with Murder

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be quite evil. Take me for example. I was a bad seed. Do you know what that means? That means that even as a schoolgirl, I had evil impulses. It is in my DNA. My grandfather on my father’s side was a serial killer. He got away with all his kills and he taught me how to get away with murder before I was licensed to drive.  He ran a private prison, but he experimented on inmates because he was a fan of torture. He would take me to crime sites as a little girl. We would watch serial killer documentaries and I would take notes. He taught me how to never get caught. I am in my early 30s now. I have killed hundreds and never once have I come under the radar of the police. That is because I do not kill people who I have any kind of relationship with. I never kill the same way twice. I have no type. I never kill in my place that leaves DNA. Ted Bundy had a type. John Wayne Gacy had a type and buried the bodies in his house.  Many serial killers get caught because they have a type, and they kill in the same fashion over and over. If there is no pattern, no one, not even the FBI, can link the murders. And, if there is never a body to find, there is no DNA or even proof of a crime. I am smart. I can train you how to get away with murder too. Join me  on the dark side.

Sadistic Bitch Venus

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Dirty Phone Talk Trashy Whore

The best fun is with a dirty phone talk trashy whore that knows how to please. Filling and draining balls are parts of my skill set. My very fixation on helping men produce fat gooey loads makes things explosive.

Slowly teasing the head and lapping at the piss you start to dribble is the beginning of some true filthy fun. My breasts exposed and that stream building up and unloading on my tits. Golden piss is the lube for this cock sucking session. Lapping and sucking all that nectar.

Your piss is only the start. I get those balls warmed up with mouth. Sucking and licking as I stroke that stiff hard cock. I am sucking that cock now nice and deep. Taking every inch in my whore mouth. Gagging and drooling all over it. I am ready for the breast basting good times of draining every drop of your man seed.

Fuck my holes back and forth. Pound my ass and prolapse it out. Beat off inside my whore cunt already gooey with the last man’s load. Fuck me crazy as you pump my holes full. I am the filthy milf of your dreams. This is what Dirty Talking Women are best for.

Dirty Phone Talk

Trashy Whore BJ

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Dirty Talking Woman Are Perfect Submissive Whores

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Woman will be a perfect Submissive Whore. I love knowing I take all my master has to give me. I was caged up by my last master, only to come out for him to use my holes. He loved sticking his cock between the cage bars and would me make suck and choke on his dick until it leaked. Then he let me out only to bend me over and fuck my pussy hole. He loved jack hammering his dick in me until my cunt was raw and red. If he didn’t nut yet that is when he would stick his dick deep in my ass.  after all the times he fucked my ass hard and deep I ended up loving it. Especially when I could feel his cock pulse from pumping his thick gooey nut in me. During Dirty phone talk I get to go back to those times I was in the cage and out of it.   


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Dirty Talking Women Are Family Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women

Have you ever had a filthy family fantasy? I have them all the time, I love thinking about daddy’s hard cock sliding into my wet thirsty cunny, or thinking about my brother and sister sharing my holes and making them cum for me. My mommy has the wettest pussy and daddy loves fucking her right there in front of us while we play with each other and have a hot nasty family orgy. Teaching my little sister how to properly drain daddy’s balls was one of my favorite memories with my family, she started sucking cock like a pro when I taught her on our brothers cock too. If you love thinking about all the naughty family fun I do, call me! I’m your incest phone sex princess who can’t get enough family cock!


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Dirty Talking women and sissy boys

dirty talking womenDirty talking women who are p mommies also love little boys sissy sluts! I don’t know if you know it or not but I have a little boy who was wanting to live as a little girl a little transsexual little boy to little girl love, you can say. I absolutely adore turning my son into a little female tranny! See I know that little dick is best bet and life is going to be servicing men with his little pussy and mouth and perhaps even getting a guy or two to suck his lady stick! My submissive boy is always been very feminine and now I dress them as a little girl to go to school and give him a cute little girl name when I can go both ways Mickey! 

Mickey with the little dicky little tranny girl.

I don’t mind if it gets teased at school because frankly I think he needs to be. His teachers got mad at me because I still call him a little boy but let’s be honest he’s a little boy who wants to be a lady but isn’t just there yet still many years of training to go through you know the makeup the clothes the shoes the breast forms all of it! I just adore the fact that my little tranny bitch loves to suck on mommy’s pussy and fluff those cocks before I get fucked. And if the man wants to fuck a little boy in the ass well my little tranny stand in will do just fine. At first I just really wanted another little girl because I know how much minutes were little girls so I started dressing Mickey up and the next thing I knew was they told me to end tape his little dick and start sucking on it and licking it and using him. So of course that’s what I did.

dirty phone talk with a p Mommy about her shemale son in training.

I still remember the first time I put my fingers in this little booty hole and the first time that I came inside of there as well. You know I had to lick it all out and slip it and clean a little tiny ass cavity all out!

Mommy Elizabeth

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