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Dirty Talking Women are freaky fun with no protection.

Dirty Talking Women                Dirty Talking Women are freaky fun with no protection. Now this includes for the simple minded no condoms. Skin on skin. Cock in cunt. NO filter. Including having more than one at a time. Make a woman. Make it man. Have me wearing a strap on. The list will to be sure to continue. On the positive side if you think I will do it. On the negative no filter means if you ask a stupid question, you will get a snappy answer.

                This fuckalicious freak will show you a good time. In fact, taking two cocks in my mouth at once. Now let us continue to the stories that will to be sure to get you off. Like the threesome with me sitting on the face of nice young thing at the same time that a huge cock was slamming into a tight, bald pussy. Cum soaking the cock and balls. Jizz dripping down into her mouth. Her hands wrapped around my thighs.

                Slamming up into that cunt so hard that her tongue delves deeper into my cunt while at the same time her nose rams into my ass. Between the ass cheeks almost reaching my butt hole. Hence making me encourage him to fuck her harder. I want the nose in the ass while tongue fucking me too.

                Finally we all cum together. Covering her in cum. Her squirting all over the room.

Secy Fuckalicious Freak Harriett

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Phone sex always leads to Mutual masturbation, I cant help it

Phone sexPhone sex has become my new addiction! I just can’t help but slide my fingers between my Shaved wet pussy lips and tease my pussy call after call… My favorite kind of phone bone is a longer call that gives me time to orgasm before the end… Sometimes I leave myself feeling desperate while waiting for the next horny pervert to call and relieve my Cock hungry pussy of its juices.

I love feeling desperate because once I get that horny perv I’ve been longing for I feel so riled up that I can’t help but slur out the naughtiest things while listening to him Jack off for me. I am a Taboo phone chat slut that isn’t just in it for the money… Having access to so many different men in a day with the same Dark fetish as me helps me tame my raging hormones.

I spread my Sexy legs and take my vibrator and pop it right into my asshole… then slowly tease my cunt with my 10-inch dildo while fulfilling all of your hottest fantasies… I bet it feels so much better knowing that we are in it together. When you are jerking I am fingering fucking my pussy it helps trigger even more filthy thoughts to fill those ears of yours with… After all, it is Dirty Talking Women with No limits that you are looking to share those Deep dark fantasies with, isn’t it?

Nasty freak Gabrielle

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Dirty Talking Women Make Your Incest Fantasies Seem Real

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women might be the best kind of women. I keep reading articles that say women with potty mouths are less inhibited. And to think, I never swore or even engaged in sex outside the marriage before my divorce. Now, I am a dirty mommy who talks like a sailor. And I really do too. I am always telling my family that my cunt needs their hard cocks. And it is true too. My son spoiled me. He saved me too. He and my daughter picked up the pieces after my horrible divorce.

I felt like such a train wreck. Since I was raised Mormon, a divorce ostracized me from the church and alienated me from my family. Even though the divorce was not my idea, folks still distanced themselves from me. My Mormon community, including my sister blamed me for my husband straying. If I had been a better wife, he would never have fucked a dozen tramps. But my son and daughter put me back together like Humpty Dumpty.

My Son and Daughter Healed Me with Incest Sex After My Divorce

Their special love for each other lead to me infiltrating their bond. For years while they still lived at home, we engaged in all sorts of family play. And our special love made me perfect to be a dirty mommy whore. I needed a job. My daughter was the one who suggested phone sex to me. I love talking to men just like you about my incest experiences. And I love helping you have some of your own.

Thanks to incest, I am enjoying life more in my 50s than I ever did in my 20s. My sons and daughter and I still fuck. And they gave me two little adorable, and healthy grand angels through incest too. But I also fuck my nephew now too. And I am remarried to a much younger man with a teenage son. Life has been good to this mommy whore. I think sometimes the bad shit that happens to us is for a reason. If I had never divorced my first husband, I would not be the mommy phone sex whore I am today.

Sexy Mommy Victoria

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Dirty Talking Women are fatty sluts

Dirty Talking Women are hot chubby sluts. I am the best at talking dirty because I do what I say. All sugar daddies use me like a fuck doll. Especially my big tits. They want to fuck and cum all over them. “Make sure you get my dripping precum” my sugar daddy loves to say when I’m using my tits on his cock. After that he spanks my big juicy ass and as it jiggles he strokes his cock right on it.

Dirty Talking Women

He drips his precum right on my pussy and asshole. “Perfectly lubed up and ready to ve fucked” he says while pushing his cock in my fat cunt. “Fat bitches always feel so wet and gooey” he says as he pushes his cock deep in my fat cunt. After some fast pounding, he starts slapping my jiggling tits a bit.

“Fat bitches fucking is such a fun time, you guys jiggle all over” he says as he pulls on my big boobs. “Milk me you secy cum cow” he moaned out as his balls smacked my cunty while he fucked me. So I started bouncing my ass back on him even faster. That did it “I’m about to cum” he moaned out. Then his balls started emptying into my fat pussy as his cock pumped all his semen inside me. Dirty phone talk always gets me in good trouble.


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Dirty Talking Women have big cocks

Dirty Talking Women have that big dick you feen for. Like any addict you think about my cock day and night. You man pussy twitches at the thought of my lady cock. “Please let me cum over and ilk you mistress kinley” you beg over and over. “Fine bitch but you better drain me for every drop of girl cum that is in my lady balls. Once you came in I made you get on your knees.

Dirty Talking Women

Therefore you start kissing my feet and working your way up to my cock. “You are a hungry cock slut” i say as i grab your head and start face fucking you. “Come on bitch show me it was worth letting you come over” i moan out as i fuck your mouth. You moan as you eat every inch of my shedick. “Bend over, I’m going to feed that man pussy of yours” I say as I push you down on all fours. Like a bitch in heat you wiggle your ass.

“Take my monster cock slut, milk it like were made to do” I moan out as I jack hammer my dick deep in your pussy. “Please use me to jack your dick off” you whimper and beg as I ram my cock inside you. Finally I feel my balls tighten up. “I have a big load and you will be dripping with it all night. Once you heard that your little clitty sprayed all over and I started filling you up with all my girl cum.


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Dirty Talking Women know how to bring in the year

Dirty Talking Women know how to bring in the new year with a bang. A ganbang to be exact. That is what I did and I got paid for it. Since i am a hooker slut, i got paid to fuck all those dicks. It started with me being drunk and going to a party.  At the party I started dancing in the middle of the room. Therefore I was getting attention from all the guys. Therefore I stripped all my clothes off.

I know my sexy body will always get me anything I want. One of the guys came up to me and whispered in my ear “do you want to make some money?” “hell yeah i do “ i responded back. When it comes to money I don’t play around. I will do anything for money, as long as I get to party while doing it. “Meet me in the back room” he said and walked away. After a few more shots I went to the back room.

Dirty Talking Women

When I got there, all I could see was a bunch of horny guys. “Come be the life of our party” the guy said while giving me a wad of cash. I do love money, I thought to myself. Therefore i busted down a few more lines of blow and snorted them all. Once the drugs hit my system I got on my knees and started sucking any dick I could reach.

“This sexy hooker is worth the money” one of them said as he aimed his cock for my ass. Since i was high and drunk i didn’t care what hole they fucked. As long as I get my money and get to party that is what matters. One after the other they took their turn getting milked by me. I brought the year in right by milking a room full of dick and being high while making money.


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Dirty Talking Women are subby sluts when lonely

Dirty Talking Women who are lonely and submissive need a gangbang for the new years. I don’t have a master right now. That is why I planned a gangbang with dominant men. “Come over and fuck me hard” is all i told them. “I need to be put in my place. First I want them to take turns spanking my bare ass. Even after it is red and swollen. Then I will get on my knees and each and every single one of their dicks.

Dirty Talking Women

“Choke on my cock you worthless slut” one of them said as he forced his cock so deep in my throat I could barely breathe. “Show me you have been trained before” he egged me on. “You better be ready to milk our dicks right” another master said as he rubbed his cock on my asshole. After that they egged the biggest dick in the room to fuck my cunt.

“Stuff her, she needs to be stretched open” they cheered as he aimed his big black cock meat towards my wet cunt. Once he was in my cunt i felt so stuffed. “The training you received has made you into a good whore” he said as he fucked me hard. Finally my mouth was getting filled with nut. I had to swallow fast because the next dick was being forced into my throat.

“Wow whore you are hungry for jizz” he said as he slid his cock into my mouth next. After that i could feel my cunt and ass getting semen pumped inside me and i braised myself for another set of dicks. It was going to be a night of cum loads and hard pounding up until the clock strikes midnight.


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dirty talking women have family fun and get nasty!

dirty talking women Dirty talking women have been around since humans first learned how to communicate. I’m sure there was some cave woman gesturing and grunting towards her pussy when she wanted to let her man know she needed some dick!
And baby I have had five decades on this planet and each one of them more filthy and nastier than the next. I started out that young bitch serving uncle Cock. And my 20s I was that breeding whore that just couldn’t stop having brats. I love the feeling of being pregnant and my tits feeling up with milk. And I kept that milk for a long time but alas it is time to hand that Milky mama torch to my daughter.

I don’t know about you but seeing your very own bitches round with offspring makes me so horny. I love telling you how I love you to rip open her pussy and fuck the shit out of her. I love seeing her nieces and nephews suckling on her tits as she’s about to push out a brand new life. I love watching her grow and blossom into a mother and watching her bond with her babes. Naughty Nana also loves seeing her finger fuck tight cunny and ass!

dirty talking women have family fun and get nasty!

It seems as if being a grandma has its benefits. No more swollen feet or aching crack teets. Now I can get in the floor and play with my babies. And raising my own to be little whores has them not blinking an eye as I give up there all baby dolls and boys! I consider myself one of the vilest speaking women. Because I love a family fucked and I love it sadistic and kinky! So when you’re in the mood for Dirty phone talk you know where to cum.

Dirty Talking Women

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Dirty phone talk is perfect with bondage sluts

Dirty phone talk with a subby bitch will make you feel like the master you are. You can use rope and tie me up. “Get me ready to use me master, I am your slut” I beg of you. After you slap my face you say, “this is to remind you that you don’t make requests”. “But that gives me a good idea” you say with a smirk. You start tying me up and even pull out clamps. Therefore I knew I was going to be your bondage slut and it made my pussy twitch. Once I was tied up just like you needed, you bend me over.

“While i beat and spank your ass, i want you to beg for me to fuck your mouth”. Then you started spanking my ass hard. I waited while you wet hard on my ass. Finally i moan out “fuck my mouth please master” i beg over and over. After a while my ass felt red and hot and I knew I was welting soon. Therefore you pull your cock out and shove it in my mouth. “Suck it hard slut, you will eat my whole load” you moan out as you throat fuck me. As my master fucked my throat i could feel the pain on my ass.

Dirty phone talk

All I could think about was how lucky I am for having such a giving master. He was about to give me his precious nectar. Then he slapped me back into reality and I started sucking his hard cock harder. Finally his balls tightened up and my master said “eat every drop of my jizz bitch!”. As he pumped the cum in my throat I made sure to swallow every single drop. That is why Dirty Talking Women are the best to dominate.


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Dirty Talking Women are used for family holiday traditions

Dirty Talking Women have holiday traditions. Our family tradition is to have me milk all the dicks in the family. This year my son had an idea. “Mom this year I want you to suck grandpas dick while I fuck you in front of everyone”. He says with a smirk in his face. “I love that idea son” I respond. “Bring grandpa into the living room” i ask my son to do. Once grandpa was in the living room right away I pulled his cock out.

Dirty Talking Women


Right away I put his old limp dick in my mouth and I started to suck it hard. My goal is to get his dick hard and stiff. “Keep sucking my cock grandslut” grandpa says. Watching me got my son’s cock hard and stiff. Therefore he pulled it out and pulled my panties down. My cunt always gets wet when I suck dick. That is why his cock slides in my pussy easily. “Mom, you are so wet and gooey,” he says.

“Fuck me son” I moan out as grandpas cock pops put my mouth. Grandpa pops his old hard dick back in my mouth and I continue to suck his dick and get a load out. As my son fucks my cunt, grandpa’s balls tighten up and he starts filling my mouth up. Therefore son started fucking my cunt harder. Finally he started filling mommies pussy up with a thick load of his son semen. The family cheered and the men started lining up for their turn.



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