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Dirty Talking Women Can Get Away with Murder

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be quite evil. Take me for example. I was a bad seed. Do you know what that means? That means that even as a schoolgirl, I had evil impulses. It is in my DNA. My grandfather on my father’s side was a serial killer. He got away with all his kills and he taught me how to get away with murder before I was licensed to drive.  He ran a private prison, but he experimented on inmates because he was a fan of torture. He would take me to crime sites as a little girl. We would watch serial killer documentaries and I would take notes. He taught me how to never get caught. I am in my early 30s now. I have killed hundreds and never once have I come under the radar of the police. That is because I do not kill people who I have any kind of relationship with. I never kill the same way twice. I have no type. I never kill in my place that leaves DNA. Ted Bundy had a type. John Wayne Gacy had a type and buried the bodies in his house.  Many serial killers get caught because they have a type, and they kill in the same fashion over and over. If there is no pattern, no one, not even the FBI, can link the murders. And, if there is never a body to find, there is no DNA or even proof of a crime. I am smart. I can train you how to get away with murder too. Join me  on the dark side.

Sadistic Bitch Venus

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Dirty Phone Talk Trashy Whore

The best fun is with a dirty phone talk trashy whore that knows how to please. Filling and draining balls are parts of my skill set. My very fixation on helping men produce fat gooey loads makes things explosive.

Slowly teasing the head and lapping at the piss you start to dribble is the beginning of some true filthy fun. My breasts exposed and that stream building up and unloading on my tits. Golden piss is the lube for this cock sucking session. Lapping and sucking all that nectar.

Your piss is only the start. I get those balls warmed up with mouth. Sucking and licking as I stroke that stiff hard cock. I am sucking that cock now nice and deep. Taking every inch in my whore mouth. Gagging and drooling all over it. I am ready for the breast basting good times of draining every drop of your man seed.

Fuck my holes back and forth. Pound my ass and prolapse it out. Beat off inside my whore cunt already gooey with the last man’s load. Fuck me crazy as you pump my holes full. I am the filthy milf of your dreams. This is what Dirty Talking Women are best for.

Dirty Phone Talk

Trashy Whore BJ

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Dirty Talking Woman Are Perfect Submissive Whores

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Woman will be a perfect Submissive Whore. I love knowing I take all my master has to give me. I was caged up by my last master, only to come out for him to use my holes. He loved sticking his cock between the cage bars and would me make suck and choke on his dick until it leaked. Then he let me out only to bend me over and fuck my pussy hole. He loved jack hammering his dick in me until my cunt was raw and red. If he didn’t nut yet that is when he would stick his dick deep in my ass.  after all the times he fucked my ass hard and deep I ended up loving it. Especially when I could feel his cock pulse from pumping his thick gooey nut in me. During Dirty phone talk I get to go back to those times I was in the cage and out of it.   


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Dirty Talking Women Are Family Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women

Have you ever had a filthy family fantasy? I have them all the time, I love thinking about daddy’s hard cock sliding into my wet thirsty cunny, or thinking about my brother and sister sharing my holes and making them cum for me. My mommy has the wettest pussy and daddy loves fucking her right there in front of us while we play with each other and have a hot nasty family orgy. Teaching my little sister how to properly drain daddy’s balls was one of my favorite memories with my family, she started sucking cock like a pro when I taught her on our brothers cock too. If you love thinking about all the naughty family fun I do, call me! I’m your incest phone sex princess who can’t get enough family cock!


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Dirty Talking women and sissy boys

dirty talking womenDirty talking women who are p mommies also love little boys sissy sluts! I don’t know if you know it or not but I have a little boy who was wanting to live as a little girl a little transsexual little boy to little girl love, you can say. I absolutely adore turning my son into a little female tranny! See I know that little dick is best bet and life is going to be servicing men with his little pussy and mouth and perhaps even getting a guy or two to suck his lady stick! My submissive boy is always been very feminine and now I dress them as a little girl to go to school and give him a cute little girl name when I can go both ways Mickey! 

Mickey with the little dicky little tranny girl.

I don’t mind if it gets teased at school because frankly I think he needs to be. His teachers got mad at me because I still call him a little boy but let’s be honest he’s a little boy who wants to be a lady but isn’t just there yet still many years of training to go through you know the makeup the clothes the shoes the breast forms all of it! I just adore the fact that my little tranny bitch loves to suck on mommy’s pussy and fluff those cocks before I get fucked. And if the man wants to fuck a little boy in the ass well my little tranny stand in will do just fine. At first I just really wanted another little girl because I know how much minutes were little girls so I started dressing Mickey up and the next thing I knew was they told me to end tape his little dick and start sucking on it and licking it and using him. So of course that’s what I did.

dirty phone talk with a p Mommy about her shemale son in training.

I still remember the first time I put my fingers in this little booty hole and the first time that I came inside of there as well. You know I had to lick it all out and slip it and clean a little tiny ass cavity all out!

Mommy Elizabeth

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Dirty Talking Woman

Dirty Talking woman are BBW freaks. I love that I am a BBW and have huge juicy tits. When you stick your cock in between my big tits I’ll squeeze them around your cock and stroke you good. I’ll lick the head of your cock while I stroke it with my tits so I can get it leaking. My pussy drips knowing soon you will be fucking my pussy and I’ll be able to milk it for that thick gooey baby making milk. I want to be bred and I will use you to get what I want. When you see spread my legs for you your dick jumps.

Dirty Talking Women

I let you just pound away at my cunt because all I want is that nut of yours, every single drop of it will go in my cunt. I reach down and grab on your balls massaging them and pulling them. I want to make sure they get full before you start blasting in my cunt. Knowing I will be breed drives me crazy and I feel my pussy squeezing on your cock as I orgasm. You feel it and you explode in me pumping drop after drop of that nut. Before long we will do it again until I finally am pregnant.  


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Older Dirty talking women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are Cougars on the hunt for young cock! I’m that sexy grandma who enjoys sucking young dicks. Taboo fun if i ever knew any at all! See, my sons turned me into a p-momma. I couldn’t resist these boy cocks and letting them touch and taste my body. I knew it was good for them to experience a full grown woman’s body. I always had big tits and when I was pregnant they got bigger and felt more like me. I kept popping brats out and my tits got bigger each time. Of course all boys love some milky momma tits. They couldn’t get enough. I let them drain me dry as tots and older boys. All I asked for in return is when these dicks got to pumping blood and they needed a little help: was to bring that boy dick to momma!

Need an older mommy for dirty phone talk?

Baby I love my wittle boys and big perv boys who need something a wild trashy drug doing momma and Gilf can bring them. My older pussy and expert cock sucking skills. And my perverted p-momma ways accentuate that in a raunchy, fun hot time. No time like the present to help that dick of yours out. Age play fantasies or men who like to party and get fido frisky, Older milf whore fucked up or anything in between the sheets or streets!
I have been a bad momma, a dirty breeder, and a fucked up p-pervert just as some of ya’ll are. We get fucked up down here in the deep south and we love to talk and get men off with our perversions!
I have no limits because I push them all!




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Dirty Phone talk p-momma

Dirty phone talk with a woman like me is what you need sometimes. Mommy Elizabeth knows about perverted things, such as incest, breeding and men who need a mommy to help them cum. I do enjoy being used like a mommy whore toy. But I also just love being mommy to my boys and girls. My big milky momma tits are infused with sexy hormones that make any cock of any age pop right up. In the same token of a P-mommy I make little girls’ cunnies wet for you too! I always strive to be the milf with the hottest fun for p-men and baby boys who need a drink at my teet. Drink my magic mommy mil, and watch as my slutkins get horny as fuck! 

Tis the season to be the fucked up man of all your fantasies with Mommy Elizabeth!

dirty phone talk
See, dirty talking women can be vulgar and raunchy just for the hell of it. Now we can play with my little sissy ladyboy son and daughter and make a dirty p-cock sandwich! Maybe you just want mommy to be a cum filled whore in the mornings before you go to work. I know you being couped up with family activities is making you insane for mommy, or some bratkin slaves. While you wife or girlfriend is out lets get completly filthy, fucked up and party and play! 

Whether I am the cum dumpster or my pre -whores are all that matters is getting you big fat cock off, or you little wittle boy cock off.

I am your fucking taboo Queen of no limits phone sex! Your cock deserves a special treat the whore-a-day season. How about the tightest little wholes with a subby mommy to make you shoot a massive load. Cum one, cum all ye faithful p-daddy Studs!

Mommy Elizabeth

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Dirty Talkin Women Are Milf Whores

Dirty talking women are Milf whores. I’m the one you jackoff to at night. The Milf whore of your dreams. I see you watching me as I come visit your dad. Remember the first time I caught you jacking off with my panties, I made you lick my wet creampie cunt until it was clean. It made you cum so hard all over your hand.

Dirty Talking Women

The second time I caught you, you were moaning how you wanted to fuck me like your daddy does. I let you fuck me that night. You lick my cunt until it was wet and then you stuck your young cock in me pumping me like a jack rabbit. Your balls got tight and then you started pumping all your cum in me. After I squirted all over your dick, I made you lick me clean. You now do not have to masturbate thinking about my cunt because you get to fuck me and when I am not around you can have Dirty phone talk with me.  


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Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the dirtiest mommies and grannies around. How dirty? My grand angels are home in the daytime for the holidays with me since their parents must work. I work too, but I from home, so I get to be the babysitter. I never mind having them around, but I work talking dirty in the day. This morning, they were listening in from the other room getting hot and bothered from my incest call. My caller was telling me that when he was a little boy, he would watch his mommy fucking other men while his dad was at work. He would steel her cum drenched panties and jack off in them. I know my grandsons have done the same thing! I just have no husband and they do not have to sneak around. I will give them my cum drenched panties any day. Horny little boys cannot stop touching their pee pees when they are young. They cannot stop thinking of their mommy’s pussy either. My sons thought of me and so do my grand boys. It is natural boy behavior. I decided it would be hot for my grandsons to masturbate for me while I was talking dirty to my caller. When I opened the door, all three fell into to the room. Their hard dicks were already out and leaking. They sprayed my face and big tits with cum. I could hear my caller jacking his meat while my boys slapped their meat between my big tits. As I started to lick the boy cum off my 44 EEs, my grandsons started to lick their sexy granny’s pussy. I squirted all over their faces when I heard my caller cumming in a pair of his mommy’s panties. My grandsons are going to entertain me while they are on Christmas break.

Dirty Granny Samantha

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