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There are no Safe Words in Dirty Phone Talk

You are a bad little boy, aren’t you!

And bad little boys deserve to be spanked!

That is why you call Dirty Talking Women like me….to give you the punishment you crave!Dirty Talking Women

I will have you bound and gagged, collared and on your knees, pleading for another lashing!

There are no safe words on  these Kinky Phone Sex lines!

You belong to me and you will be a very obedient submissive…if you know what is good for you!

There is a lot of work to do for naughty little boys like you!

You will look like the prettiest little maid in your leather uniform….black corset cinched tight, a cock cage to keep those boys in check and a sweet little apron tied in a pretty little bow above the crack of that cute little ass, as you are on your knees licking the floor clean!

You can’t expect a Goddess like me to walk on such filth!

Every inch needs to be mopped with your tongue and if you miss even the tiniest speck of dirt….

A nice sharp Smack on that ass should correct that deviant behavior!

When you are finished, I may let you stroke that cock a few times!

Just until it drips!

I wouldn’t want you to cum all over these nice clean floors!

You will need to ask permission to unload that mess in the toilet and you know you will have to lick that clean when you have finished!

Now, let’s get this Dirty Phone Talk started!


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Dirty Talking Women Are Perverts

The best Dirty Talking Women are complete perverts. It’s obvious that there are many perverted p daddies in the World, and it’s awesome. Understand that I am a complete politically incorrect trashy p mommy with brats.

Dirty Talking Women

If you understand that p-daddy term and know what a p-mommy is, it’s best to call for that taboo fun. My best attributes are to be the naughty milf with fuck meat brats. These little fuck holes are the best way to relieve your daddy stress and all of your man juice. If you’re cock is small, also known as a peacock, then you know the treats I have for you.

It’s a reality there are guys that are so un endowed that they were meant to be what they are. Those little pea pods need to pump their peas in somewhere and I have those perfect bald fuck holes.

You know I am often approached by these pervert daddy’s when they see me and brood about town. We just seem to advertise these attributes that get those p daddy cocks throbbing. I bring strangers home to let them violate the tiniest holes. They get to taste the little slits of young pussy. It’s the finest way to pump out the spermies into sweet little holes.

Isn’t Kinky phone sex the only thing on your mind right now?

It’s not something I care to control. You know those perverted desires. I need to see a big daddy cock penetrate and fuck my daughters and sons. Perhaps we can arrange something. I think we will all be happy with a little discreet fun.

Dirty Mama Irene

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Filthy Teen Phone Sex Whore

I know you have talked to a lot of dirty talking women.Dirty Talking Women

They tease your cock, make you stroke for them, and leave you hard!

But I got what you want!

Yes, we all have tight pussies, dripping with sticky sweetness.

And we all love to take that rock hard cock in our juicy asses, backing up like we can take another ten inches!

But not everyone can handle your need for no limits phone sex!

I know you have nasty taboo phone chat desires and I want to be your bitch!

Use me as your whore and leave me lying in a puddle of cum and piss!

String me up and suspend my body and destroy my heart shaped ass!

When that is gaping so much you can’t feel the stroke, plunge that hard throbbing cock deep into my wet cunt and fuck me until I cum!

Cover my soft pretty tits with enough cum to feed a small country and then force that cock down my throat and order me to clean it!

I am a filthy teen phone sex whore and I needyou to own me and push me to the edge!




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Dirty Phone Talk With A Tramp

dirty phone talk


Dirty phone talk with Hadley the tramp. See, some women like me do just about anything to get off.  We were the girls who used hair brush handles to masturbate and cold cucumbers from the refrigerator. Anything That could make us feel good down there! Ad lord help you if you found your mom and dad’s toy stash! I never thought it gross to share my mommys vibator or play with my daddies cock ring! I wouldn’t even wash them after I played with my pussy. I would put them back in the box and push it back under their bed. Sometimes I would hear the buzzing and mommy and daddy moaning. I would try to envision what he was doing to her and rub my own little kitty! I never understood why I would lash out at my mommy the next day. 


I hated my mom. I wanted to be her under daddy, daddy making love to me! 


One day as I shouted at my mom that she was a whore, and she left running and screaming to work, My daddy grabbed me and brought me to the floor. The last words I heard were her calling me a jealous cunt and telling daddy to handle me! 

I was so angry and when daddy kissed me and put his hands on my teen tits I knew I had him! I threw myself at my father that morning. Stripping off my clothes and struggling to get his cock free. I want to be your dirty talking women to replay all this with you!

I expected him to stop me, but daddy only wanted o lavish my hot tight body. His tongue in my fat bald pussy lips for almost an hour while I screamed out daddy and tears of ecstasy ran down my face. 

And his dick going inside me for the first time was heaven and hell. It would be the start to my addiction with sex.

Dirty Hadley

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Dirty Phone Talk Can Be Blasphemous

Dirty phone talk is the filthy goodness that can make you cum the hardest. I find getting into blasphemous things that other’s won’t get into are the best ways to enforce my devilish control over that cock. I am just the kind of woman to give you your pathway to sinning and enjoying the most hottest kind of Blasphemy. I am a heathen and hope that you will join me in upholding the pillars of satanism with the filthiest blasphemy fun we can have. It’s what makes me wet. The sole idea of selling your soul to the devil with your torrid filthy desires is extremely exciting to me. I am the conjurer of demonic little sluts that p daddy types need to get off with. It’s a filthy crazed kind of pizza gate when you play with me. We get into the most profound taboo topics that will make you ache for more. You will beg me to perform this ritualistic nastiness with you. I will make you understand the sexuality of yours that has been hidden. Maybe these taboo things are exactly what you have enticed in already and need a filthy whore p – mommy to enjoy getting off with you as we get into your ridiculously filthy fucking ways. I am a filthy little pageant whore mom. I may look like a soccer mom but baby I am anything but. I make soccer moms kneel down and suck off their own 4 legged furry cock and beg for it in the ass.

Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Chat Whore Rita

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Dirty Phone Talk Anal Whore

dirty phone talk


Loving anal sex is nothing new for this dirty phone talk whore. Why wouldn’t I love a nice big cock in my pretty pink pocket of an asshole? I’m a street prostitute and part-time stripper at the nastiest club in town. My asshole has seen more cocks than Carter’s got pills. And now that AM A bona fide Milf and I have some sweet young ones in my own I want them to know all about anal sex. This milf has has ass skills! Even from a young age I wasn’t the girl that would just tickle your pickle. I would get coked up and get horny I need a big fat cock to suck. No it did take me awhile to discover the pleasures of anal fucking. But I’m not shy and the least little bit and I am one of the dirty talking women who will fucking tell you how good it feels to fuck my milf asshole. And I think my offspring both boy and girl should enjoy and get ass reaming once and again. I mean it is good for the goose is good for the little ganders aren’t it? 

Imagine if you will..

Big fat hard juicy cock sliding into that back door pussy. I have three holes that all need filled with cum. Then I know ass fucking isn’t just for women but I sure will show you the pleasures that I get from being prolapsed torn inside out! A real horror desires to be raw, cum filled and hurting when you’re done fucking me. I had a wild side too other than just being a party whore. You see I’m not above strapping up and pegging your ass. But that’s another story for another time. Come see hardcore Hadley and get that ass fucking experience that you need from this dirty fucking girl.

dirty talking women

Hardcore Hadley

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Some Dirty Talking Women Love BBC

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like big cock. Some like big black cock. Some is me. I am a black cock whore. I have been one since I was a young girl. I dated a black guy in high school. I lost my virginity to him and back then I had no idea that my first love would lead me to where I am today. I am married to a white man I do not fuck. I have never fucked him, not even when we were dating. I have never fucked my husband of 25 years. He is my husband, but he is my cuckold too. I told him when he asked me to marry him that I would never fuck him. I made sure he knew what he was getting into and he accepted our relationship. He was happy to just be married to a hot woman who knew what she wanted. Now, when we were first married, it was a do not ask and I will not tell relationship. I went out and had my affairs and we did not talk about the black cock I had. That did not last long because along came the Internet and porn and he started seeing how big some of those black cocks could get. I started bringing lovers home so he could watch me take those big black cocks. He could not sit and watch for long. He started cleaning up my cream pie pussy. Then he started fluffing cock. Now, he is a black cock faggot. My cuckold and black cock faggot. No secrets. No do not ask do not tell. Just a sexy slut wife fucking the biggest and blackest cocks in front of her white husband who has a tiny dick. Maybe it is not a traditional marriage, but it works for us. I can cuckold you too.

BBC Whore Vinny

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Submissive Mommy For Erotic Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone talk

Your dirty phone talk Mommy whore has some Halloween adventures for you! This time last year I was a tied up slave and I loved it! I had gotten excited about my super girl outfit and was eager to show it off. So I made a little harvest pre Halloween party for my little ones. My daughter was a cat woman. Her little latex outfit was the tightest and the sexiest I had ever seen. My son was a little red riding hood, he was the doll of the party. Now, I know Halloween is for the littles but my brats were the only young ones this night. I had men from all over town excited to see my living dolls. Mommy was quite proud of the turn out. Now I know what your thinking, I had not planned on all of them fucking my little ones. This was a little show and tell and to put feelers out to the p-daddy community. I was without a master, and I need a master who won’t mind my own P-mom ideals. 

Well, I got mouthy at one point with a real Master, I had consumed too much tequila toward the end of the party. Four men were left and the night was young. This Dom man didn’t like dirty talking women and he slapped me hard. My pussy convulsed and I went on my knees instinctively. This man took control, the other men were told to leave as he was handling the situation now! They were reluctant and offered money to watch my submissive ways. An hour was paid for and I was tied up and made to service not one but four cocks. My son and daughter were watching the entire thing with mouths full of caramel apples. I will never forget the awe in each of my offspring’s eyes as Super girl took four cum loads and was begging for more! I know you want to know what happened after that hour was up, and i am ready to tell my erotic sex stories with you!

Subby Mommy Elizabeth

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Dirty Talking Women Control You!

You shouldn’t fear the control that Dirty talking women have over you. It’s indeed a weakness. You are a man and men are prone to weaknesses. The biggest weakness is a mama’s boy at the feet of an attractive, lasciviously confident woman. Well that sums up the relationship you will be having with me. Like many of my groveling ground kisses men that just can’t get enough of my seductive way with them. I am the Mistress that will make you her bitch. I will have you worshipping my feet by slowly kissing all over the tops while I wear my leather heels. You will ease a foot from my sexy high heel and slowly lick the length of my sole. Your tongue will work between each and every toe as you slowly start to gaze up at my sexy panties under my skirt. I am standing over you because I own you. You will continue to worship both feet and up my legs until your nose grazes my clit.

Dirty Talking Women

You are my bitch and will dive into this sweet snatch and enjoy the nectar of your Goddess. I will feed you my piss and you will lap it up with gratitude. You are indebted to me for me giving you the opportunity to serve me. I will allow you to watch as some big daddy dick fucks my pussy. You are going to be a good pussy cleaner and cock sucker for your Mistress, aren’t you cum eater? You do a good job and make me cum and I will be sure to allow you a chance to really suck that cock like a faggot. I will make you a cum eating cock sucking faggot that takes it in the ass. I will be the first to fuck that ass though and it will be my pleasure.

Dirty Chat Mistress Gemini

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Milfs are Dirty Talking women

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking women are hot fucking milfs with a wild side. I might be a sub in the BDSM dynamic for most men, but I have my daughter on a tight leash! I have learned to swing a flogger and make her into the best slut! She does everything I tell her and isn’t afraid to get her face wet in my pussy! AM I a p-mommy yes, I am. Am I a mean mommy, I can be. If my little whores don’t perform I make sure they get the beatings they deserve. Cock pleasing is the only thing they are good for, and yes that includes my boy. I am setting my offspring up for a better life. I want little porn stars and sex workers. The good kind that have exceptional skills that will set them for life. Dirty phone talk makes mommy a living but the sex acts they perform help keep me in that good dope and my body on fire for them. And my motto is if a man wants something he will get it. The younger the more he is willing to pay. My older girl has to be very kinky like me to have men pay for her young cunt! I love piss play and bondage and being a bukkake whore. And she is following in my very whorish footsteps. I will be forever grateful for the John who told me to make a teen daughter a slave 24/7. Men Love a submissive pet who is very obedient. I wanted to be owned like her in my younger years but ended up knocked up and had to change the course of my submissiveness. So I began to whore my body to hot men who needed a sometime subby milf. And now my brats will be the best sexual performers ever!


(800) 988-2055 ext. 822

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