Dirty Phone Talk in the VIP Room

Dirty phone talkWhen I got to the VIP room, I was actually kind of nervous. He was amazingly hot, but had the look of an old-time mafia king. I took a deep breath and walked in. He was sitting there, arms crossed, smirk on his face as he saw me come in. There was a clip of money sitting on the table just to his right. I ignored the money and walked up to him; I started dancing, using his body as my pole. Within moments, he grabbed me, pushed me to the floor, and stood above me. He had his pants undone and was shoving his dick down my throat. His hands curled in my hair, and he started just skull-fucking my face. His dick stayed so far down my throat that I couldn’t breathe. He let me have air when I looked about to pass out, but kept fucking my face until he came. And, when he came, he pulled out and shot it all over my face. He left the money clip on the table as he pushed me out of his way and walked out.

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