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Dirty phone talk with Marilyn

dirty phone talkWhoops! I was on a freaky call earlier today and forgot that I had scheduled my dry cleaning to be dropped off. The young delivery guy heard everything through my open window. This wasn’t your average dirty phone talk. We were getting into the naughty, nasty details of my last cum binge. He heard all about me sucking two cocks and taking them in my holes at the same time. I was getting soaking wet, talking about getting double stuffed by those 2 fat, cum pumping cocks. The delivery guy didn’t seem to mind my story at all. I watched him on the security cameras. He was jerking his hard cock right there on my porch! Who could blame him? He was listening to me moan and finger fuck my hot pussy. I moaned as loud as I could, to make sure that he heard everything. Watching him stroke his cock and listening to my caller stroke his cock for me was an orgasmic overload! My hot cunt was squirting so fucking hard! I ran to the door and snatched it open, hoping to catch the delivery guy in time. I think he heard me coming to the door and took off, thinking I was upset that he was listening. I wish he would come back and let me ride that hard cock! My wet cunnie is ready to be smashed.



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Dirty phone talk with Janie

dirty phone talk

Daddy brags to everyone he knows that his little whore is a no limits, dirty phone talk slut. At first, he didn’t like the idea of me making other men cum. Daddy said I’m his little whore and no one else can have this tight, hot fuck hole. He changed his mind after the first time he watched me slam my soaked cunnie with my long, fat dildo while I was on a call. Now he loves to watch me. He plays with his hard cock while I make my little pussy cum for my callers. He said watching my cunnie squirt so hard all over my dildo was the hottest thing he’s ever seen. I can’t help but getting super dirty while I work my pussy with that fat fuck toy. Hearing a guy stroke his hard cock for me turns me on so much! Between my kinky calls, I have Daddy lick up all of the sweet juices from my hot cunnie! I’m such a lucky little phone slut!


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2 Incest Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

Whore mommy and submissive slut daughter are the dirty talking women to make you blow!  

Now you should know my submissive slave teen is actually my  lover, we do share cocks from time to time. I Dominate her young body and give her up to men who like to hurt her. I do enjoy strap-on and double ended dildos with her quite frequently. I also like putting her through her positions with my pussy in her face and making her give me multiple orgasms. Quite the hurricane tongue! Makes sense because I have made her my pussy slave since she was young. And it only took me a hot second to figure out she enjoyed watching men use me in the back room. Yes, I sold my body to get through the young part of being a single mom. Her daddy only came back after I had turned her out! Dirty phone talk with us is just me telling you how to use a mommy and daughter who enjoy our incest life.

Two hot whores on your cock…

We can be sensual, or brutal. My darling knows she is just fuck meat and i serve cock well. SO if you looking for a raunchy fun time. These two whores are waiting for you! My daughter will submit and if your cock is big enough and you are a Master, this BSDM mommy will take all of you as well! 

Always willing to do daughter, sister and auntie roleplays. We have been around the block but my Daisy can be your young virgin, and I can be the mom who decides to rent out her cunt! There really are no limits to us. Last week my daughter had mutt play and was turned into a breeding cow! That just shows you this mommy and daughter duo are freaky fun for your cock! 


Jan and Daisy Dirty Mommy and Daughter

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Sexy Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

Hi there, sexy. Are you online looking for dirty talking women who will make your nasty fantasies come true? Well, you’re definitely in the right place at the right time. I’m always ready to talk about all the dirty things that turn you on. I mean, if you read my profile, you know that I’m no stranger to being bad. Walking on the wild side of things and pushing people’s limits is what I have always loved doing. It’s one of my biggest pleasures in life to teach people that it’s fucking perfectly okay to be turned on by anything and everything. Don’t ever be ashamed of what makes your dick hard. Do you feel comfortable enough to tell me the naughty taboo things that get you off? If you tell me what turns you on, I’ll do the same and tell you what makes my pussy wet. And let me tell you, most of the things that get me horny are not things that are commonly accepted things in society. So if you’re ready to hear what kinds of things we could get into together, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I promise you’re going to have the time of your life!


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Dirty phone talk with Quinn

dirty phone talkI’ve always been a dirty phone talk slut. I was very young the first time I made a man cum just by talking to him. My tiny, bald cunnie got so wet listening to him stroke his cock for me. Phone fucking has always been my favorite thing to do when I’m not taking a dick. I’m the nastiest little cum dumpster slut ever and I love to tell guys how many hot loads my pussy has in it. Every single day I get pumped full and then go home and let it all drip out slowly. I spread my legs wide open and run my fingers through my sticky cummy cunt, teasing my clit and making my pussy a soaking wet mess! By the time all of those hot, sticky cum loads have dripped out of me, I’ll have more men on the way to refill my cum collector cunnie! I never go more than a few hours without a sticky cum shot. My favorite thing is having wild and kinky phone fun while I’m getting pumped full!




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Sissy Trainers Are Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women

Sissy Queens are renown dirty talking women who crave only three things in life; sissy slaves, cum dumpsters for alpha cock, and being gorgeous Goddesses. Welcome to the wonderful world of Queen Presley’s juicy cunt, the best reward you’ve ever thought of. I wear my thick ten inch strap on to punish my sissy girls in their tiny, tight little bum holes, and that makes my queenly cunt drip. Your job as my little sissy whore is to make sure you’re learning your ladyship lessons, and keeping my guests entertained.

I want to humiliate you in front of my entire court; panties, a clit chastity cage, stockings and a garter, a bralette, and a gown. My little whore can suck cock in a competition. I make you stand in front of me, and strip naked, parade naked through the porn shops for use by the patrons, and spank your bare bottom beat fucking red while you cry and beg for me to stroke your cock. My sissies like to be degraded, but I can be a sweet and sensual too, if you behave. Submit yourself to the services of Queen Presley.

Sissy Queen Presley

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Dirty phone talk mommy Angela

dirty phone talkI had such a naughty idea for a Christmas gift for my step son. What do you get the guy who has everything? I thought it would be perfect if he walked down the stairs on Christmas morning and found his dirty phone talk slut step-mommy, sitting there under the tree. I would be like a special, kinky gift for him and he could do whatever he wanted to me before his dad wakes up and comes down for breakfast. I’ve been shopping for the perfect outfit to wear to surprise him. I can’t wait to be on my hands and knees under the tree, getting my tight cunt filled with my hot, young step sons cum! Every time I think about how bad I want him to fuck me, my panties get so wet! I can’t stop dreaming about his hard throbbing cock exploding inside of me! I’ve ordered so many different sexy outfits but I’m thinking about being completely naked, with my legs spread wide open, fingering my wet pussy. I want me to be the first thing he sees, right as he walks down the stairs! I’m going to make sure he has a very kinky Christmas!



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Skanky Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

Hey, perv! If you’re scouring the internet looking for dirty talking women, then you have hit the jackpot! I’m one of the kinkiest, nastiest sluts you’ll ever come across in your life. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get your cock off, as long as you’re willing to pay! You should know by now that you have to pay for the really dirty girls like me. If you could get the filthy stuff you wanted for free, you wouldn’t have to pick up the phone and call me, would you?

When I say that I’m kinky, I’m not kidding. I love taking my phone sex calls to very extreme places, just like you do. I bet you have a fantasy or fetish that you have never spoken out loud to another living soul because it’s so wild that you thought nobody would want to talk about it with you. Well, that’s not the case with me, you nasty boy. I want to hear what kind of weird shit gets your cock hard and then talk to you about it until you cum. Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side with a girl as nasty as you are? Call me.


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Domineering Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

I know that sometimes sissies can get a little bit shy, but I’m here to help you. What you need to do is talk to dirty talking women so you can be better at getting your partners excited. Nobody wants to fuck a girl who just lies there like a dead fish. You need to participate and talk dirty to him to make his experience better. That’s your job as a sissy slut, after all – to take care of your man.  I know it’s hard sometimes to be brave, but I know you can do it. That shy and timid sissy is about to be gone, girlfriend, and I’ll turn you into a foul-mouthed whore.

I’ve always been loud in bed and all my partners have appreciated that. It doesn’t only make my lovers more excited – it makes me more excited, too. It seems like my orgasms are so much better when I’m being a loud slut and enjoying myself. Just spread your legs and he’ll go to town while you tell him how fucking good his cock makes your sissy cunt feel. So if you’re ready for some dirty talking lessons, all you have to do is give me a call!


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Dirty Talking Women Suck Cock

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking women tend to also be excellent cocksuckers; we’re good with our mouths the whole way around! Naturally, I’m a BBW slut and I love to deep throat some long, hard cocks. Throat fucking is for sure my favorite past time, and it drives me fucking wild and makes my juicy BBW cunt drip like a fucking faucet. I get wet wet; get a bucket and a mop to clean up after you’ve been fucking this wet ass pussy.
I am your thicc bitch dream cum true. This cunt stays soaked so you can slide that thick fucking cock in any time you like. You don’t have to be shy. When you’re horny, or that big boy cock gets so damn hard and you need to explode your balls, just bend me over and slip it in. I’ll gladly take that big cock of yours, completely without complaint. I don’t care when. I love cock! In my hot, hungry little mouth, and in this juicy BBW cunt that you’re going to be addicted to.
I will do almost anything for a load of cum, so don’t be surprised when you catch me trying to turn you on. Whether it’s by dressing like a slut, acting like a whore, or plain out just begging you to cum in one (or more!) of my little cum dumpster fuck holes, you can rest assured I will be actively trying to get that spunk.

Adult Phone Chat

Wynona With The Juicy Cunt

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