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Dirty Talking Women Will Have You Needing More

Dirty Talking Women Dirty Talking Women is something I know you love. We know exactly how to satisfy your kinky needs. You will be begging for more. I like hearing you be. It gets my pussy dripping wet and ready to fuck. Lucky for you I will drink and get high to the point that you can do whatever you want to me. Waking up and having a cummy filled cunt is something I love having, your cum drip down my legs and oozing out of me is what I want. I’ll use it to play with my pussy as I try to remember all the nasty filthy things you did to me.  If you fuck me in my ass, I want to feel the soreness from your pounding. I want to be able to feel your cum ooze out of my ass too. Knowing I went to sleep with cum taste still in my mouth and cum filled pussy and ass is why I love getting high and drunk so you can use and abuse me. That is why I will give myself to you, and I know you will be begging for more and needing Dirty Talking Women like me. 


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Dirty talking women rule your mind

dirty talking women

The love you have for dirty talking women is justified. We know how to push your buttons and make you crave more. It’s okay to be on your knees begging a goddess like me to let you have a chance. I don’t see why you shouldn’t beg. I’m a perfect princess who is willing to make you show off how much you are obsessed with me.

I love to hear all about what you will do if you could have the privilege even to lick my boots. I like to tell you exactly how I like to be fucked. I know you might have your short cummings 😉

but I still want you to give it your best shot. I want to see how much of a man you can be, and if you lack, I will try to help you because that’s who I am I want to make sure you perform your best. If you still have no progress, then at that point, I will only humiliate you while you watch me rub my pussy.


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Dirty phone sex slut doll Janie

dirty phone sex


Last week, I had such a wild and kinky time at work. The weekly conference call quickly turned into a wild and nasty, dirty phone talk threesome! I found myself in my cubicle, at my desk with my hand in my panties, playing with my hot, wet pussy. The president and CEO of the company I work for, were on the phone, listening to my moans and telling me how they wanted to take turns ramming me with their hard dicks! They know how much I love being the naughty little secretary slut that gets passed around the office. Everyone is always in a race to be the first one to fill my fuck holes with hot cum before the work week starts. These guys had my pussy pulsing and craving cock the way they were talking about shoving their throbbing dicks down my throat and in wet holes. I might just party with them all weekend and get a nasty jump start to my week! Everyone else in the office is worried about their weekly quota, while I’m only worried about meeting my cum quota!


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Dirty phone talk slut Quinn

dirty phone talk


Dirty phone talk slut Quinn is looking for a hot and nasty time tonight. Everyone knows that I’m a dirty party slut who never says no, no matter what. All you have to do is get me fucked up and then anything is possible, I won’t remember it anyway. There’s nothing I love more than getting shit faced and taking a hot load across my perky tits. I’ll spend hours, bent over getting my cummy cunt slammed by every dick at the party. I love being the nasty cum dump slut that all the guys run to when they want to fuck. Being on my knees surrounded by thick, hard cocks spurting cum all over my face is my idea of a perfect night. I don’t know if I forget my panties or if some guy takes them but I almost always wake up without any on the next day. I’m getting ready to go out and get fucked all night. Guess I’ll leave my panties behind and see what happens.


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Kinky Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

If you think that an innocent looking cutie like me can’t be included in the category of dirty talking women, you are sadly mistaken. I’ve been dirty ever since I went through puberty and started feeling all of those hormones. I wasn’t one of those girls who wanted to save myself for marriage. I wanted to have as many dicks inside my tight little pussy as I could. I could tell you who the first man to let me play with his cock was, but I think it would be more fun to tell you when you call me. 

I really can’t wait to be a slut for you. When we are on the phone, I want you to close your eyes and listen to me tell you all of the kinky, nasty, twisted things that we will be doing together. Everything we do will be so much more fun than what you do with your girlfriend or wife. They have probably gotten pretty stale and boring by now, right? I like to keep things fresh and spicy, so you’re guaranteed to always have a really fucking good time with me. What are you waiting for, pervert. You’ll love stroking that cock to my voice.


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Dirty phone talk with Barbie

dirty phone talk

I’m Barbie, the freakiest, dirty phone talk slut in the south. You might have heard about me or seen my number around town. I’m a prissy, plump slut who’s well known for being a nasty freak! My neighbors don’t even complain anymore when they hear the constant slam of my headboard against the wall. They know it’s just “Bend over Barbie” getting her fill. Everyone knows that I spend every day and night getting my sloppy, wet pussy and asshole filled with cum. I can’t go 20 minutes without thinking about a throbbing cock inside of me. Even at work, I sneak off to the bathroom to meet up with my manager. His sweet, innocent wife won’t do half of the nasty things I do for him. His thick, hard cock is curved just right and it’s so hard for me to resist. It perfectly hits the spot that makes me squirt all over his balls! I always make sure to lick and suck his cock clean after he fucks me. It’s no secret that I’m his favorite employee. I earn my fat quarterly bonus the easy way.



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We’re The Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women
We’re the dirty talking women your mother warned you about. The slick mouth, red lipstick whores who hung out on Broadway corners. I have a cunt that’s wetter than a Mississippi May, and I’m needing it used right. I’ve got a sloppy mouth, and I know how to use it in any circumstance. My oral fuck hole is honestly constantly wide open and ready for a fat cock to slide into.

I’ve made my way as a Dominatrix, but that doesn’t mean I won’t act like a hooker slut. I cam guzzle cum with the best of those bitches. We’re the dirty talking women your mother didn’t want you to bring home. The loose lipped whores, and your mother never meant their mouths. Let me take real good care of you, if you’ve been looking for a hot, nasty time.

I get really filthy baby, so just tell me what your limits are so i don’t cross them. Nothing is too much for me. I promise I’ll go above and beyond to deliver this delicious slice of dirty whore pussy directly into your desperate mouth.

Dirty Bitch Reesa

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Dirty Talking Women Are Sluts

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love to get you off. Like really love it. Like they make their entire career about just that. So, you know when you give us a call that we are as horny as you are. For example, I had this guy call me the other day raving about my massive chest. He described everything he wanted to do to me. From sucking on my nipples to titty fucking me. Now when you have tits as big as mine you can just pull them up and suck on them yourselves. So that is exactly what I did – I let him listen to my mouth around my tit. I heard him stroking as my tits became wetter with my spit. Then he said he wanted to titty fuck me. So, I pulled out a dildo and stuck it between my breasts, and described how I was licking the head as I pushed it between my chest. I could hear him stroking and moaning and he let me hear how wet his cock was. I was so horny that we talked of me laying back and him getting on top of me. Pushing his cock deep inside my legs. I fucked myself with my dildo imagining it was him on me. We played together for a while and we ended with us both orgasming. That baby is the best kind of dirty phone talk sessions.


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Use Us Dirty Talking Women

Maybe you think that a submissive whore like me always has to keep her mouth shut, but we can totally be dirty talking women. My Master loves it when I tell him what a dirty slut I am while he’s doing various things to me. He likes it when I tell him how grateful I am that he’s showing me how to use my whore body for its intended purpose – to make him and other men of his choosing very happy. He has told me that it’s like having one of those fuck dolls except that I’m real and I say nasty things to him.

Actually, just the other day I was horny and told me that he wanted me to crawl around on my hands and knees wiggling my ass in the air like cats do when they go into heat. He made me crawl around and yowl for hours before he finally gave me what I wanted. By the time he slid his magnificent cock inside me, I was ready to cum right then and there. He loves humiliating me, and if I’m being honest, I really love it, too. Do you want to use me, too? I’m here ready to serve you.


dirty talking women


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Dirty Talking Women Are Perverts

The best Dirty Talking Women are complete perverts. It’s obvious that there are many perverted p daddies in the World, and it’s awesome. Understand that I am a complete politically incorrect trashy p mommy with brats.

Dirty Talking Women

If you understand that p-daddy term and know what a p-mommy is, it’s best to call for that taboo fun. My best attributes are to be the naughty milf with fuck meat brats. These little fuck holes are the best way to relieve your daddy stress and all of your man juice. If you’re cock is small, also known as a peacock, then you know the treats I have for you.

It’s a reality there are guys that are so un endowed that they were meant to be what they are. Those little pea pods need to pump their peas in somewhere and I have those perfect bald fuck holes.

You know I am often approached by these pervert daddy’s when they see me and brood about town. We just seem to advertise these attributes that get those p daddy cocks throbbing. I bring strangers home to let them violate the tiniest holes. They get to taste the little slits of young pussy. It’s the finest way to pump out the spermies into sweet little holes.

Isn’t Kinky phone sex the only thing on your mind right now?

It’s not something I care to control. You know those perverted desires. I need to see a big daddy cock penetrate and fuck my daughters and sons. Perhaps we can arrange something. I think we will all be happy with a little discreet fun.

Dirty Mama Irene

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