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Dirty Talking Women Know How To Sell Thier Holes

Dirty Talking Women are filthy trashy whores who know how to sell their holes for anything they want or need. I needed my rent paid so I told my landlord to come get his check. I opened the door in a bathrobe, as he walked in I dropped my robe. I turned around and I told him I needed help with the rent. I’ll do anything.

Dirty Talking Women

I got on my knees and sucked his cock he pulled me up and told me he gets his dick sucked all the time. He wanted to fuck my asshole, I bent over and I spread my ass cheeks for him. He spit on my asshole and pushed his fat dick in my rosebud. He loved how deep I could take his cock and told me if I give him my asshole whenever he wants to use it to milk his cock, that my rent would be paid every month. That encouraged me even more and I bounced my ass back on him and milked his cock so well he couldn’t help but cum hard inside my asshole. I could feel it pulsing and pumping his cum in me. Dirty phone talk lets me be the trashy whore I love being.


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Dirty Talking Women Are Babysitter Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women

Why do I love being a Dirty Talking babysitter? Because I get to be as slutty as I want to be and show my little ones how to be good whores just like me! When I watch your little angels I’m wearing my tiniest bikini to the pool or my shortest skirt to take them to the movies, hoping that they will notice Miss Logan’s perfect body and think about me all the time. I even like seeing daddies get turned on when I play with their tots, I know those daddies are always thinking of fucking my tight little holes and making me their babysitter cum slut. Nothing tastes better than older man cum and I love draining balls while I suck daddy cock! What mommy doesn’t know won’t hurt her, She can never know I satisfy her little ones and her husband in ways she never could! If you love baby sitter sluts like me, give me a call tonight for some fantasy phone sex!


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Dirty Talking Women Rule Your World

I know what you need and crave. The truth is Dirty Talking Women rule your fucking world. A girl that can say fuck and sound sexy doing it is awesome. It’s an erotic temptation for you to hear a bad girl with a dirty mouth get dirtier when in bed with you.

It’s a factual thing that we rule the world of timid lame men. Men like to be control freaks on the outer side, but be fucking real, it’s all a hoax. Men are weak fucklings. You are pathetic and ruled by your cock. That head is brainless and full of blood.

Your engorged sex member is what makes you weak for me. I’m very excited to own and rule you. You will be my slave and a good pussy licker if you want some pleasure. In fact I will tell you to drink my mother fucking piss and your cock will be throbbing hard and you will obey.

The dirtiest desires that drive you are going to be enjoyed with me. I’m a dirty mistress and will make you drink from my fountain of golden showers. Sitting on your face feeding you everything from cum to scat from my perfect pink asshole. Queening you is my best kind of fun and demeaning you as a little dick pervert loser is exciting for me.

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Girl Gemini

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Dirty phone talk with Jessica

dirty phone talk


This weekend is going to be busy as usual for this dirty phone talk whore. My son is going to prom and the after party is going to be at my house. Being owned by my son means that I have to serve him and all of his friends at his parties. I’m going to be bound and gagged the entire time. The only time he takes my gag out is when one of them is fucking my mouth or using it to cum or piss in. Last year, he tied me up before he left and made me wait on my knees for hours to be used like a dirty, gangbang fuck hole. The anticipation of waiting to be force fucked by so many hard cocks had me soaking wet! Those sexy, young guys pounded my whore pussy and asshole so hard that I could barely walk the next day! I can’t stop rubbing my cunt and thinking about how hot this weekend is going to be!


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dirty talking women love being slutty

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women love being slutty. Im all about rubbing my cunt till I cum so hard I forget my name. I love to go to cheer practice and strut my sexy ass around. It turns me on to be a good slut and makes older men want to taste my sweet honey pot. You can lick my cunt and feel a tingle down your back.

You may be able to get my sweet ass as well if you crave a tight brown ass. I’m going to let you in on a little secret im a slut for big cocks, and I want to enjoy a cock that will blow my mind.

The bigger you are, the more hypnotic you become. Let me show you the way to a teen who knows how to tease and seduce. Sometimes I play a bit too much for my good, and I need you to put me right in my place so you can forever control my holes.

Let me have your sex, baby. I will give you my body, and you can fuck me whenever you would like to fuck me.


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dirty talking women make hot girlfriends

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women make hot girlfriends. I am lucky to be open and willing to befriend so many whores like me. The more slutty friends you have, the more likely you will never want to leave your group of friends behind. You will want to keep up with the dirty fun, and together you guys can get into all kinds of trouble. The style I love is the one that has to be tied with fucking a group of guys together. We enjoy getting used to and making each other whore in every capacity. when I fuck a ton of guys with my friends, and we love to experience it all over again.

You know you will be part of the party when you hang out with whores like me and my slutty gal pals. We have a fun trick we do. We all get together for a girl’s trip, go over to a new state, and fuck someone we have never met before. We like to add guys to our record, make them fall in love with our cunts, and leave them high and dry.


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Dirty Phone Talk BBC Slave Tracy

Dirty Phone Talk

This dirty phone talk was getting nastier than I had ever thought possible! It’s really true that I’m a whore addicted to that BBC Cock! Black men turn me on so much because those are the biggest goddamn dicks I’ve ever seen in my life – and trust me I’ve seen thousands of cocks! They can bend me in half any time and plow this pussy with that big banana. I get creamy soaking wet when they pound into me, and raking my sharp submissive nails down the back of that big black bastard while I’m begging him to keep fucking me, and harder! Twelve inches of midnight anaconda slamming in and the fuck out of me is exactly what I have been begging for. You can fuck my throat, or you can watch.



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Dirty Talking women can play nice

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can make you hooked with only one conversation. I am more of a submissive girl, but sometimes I switch. Big shocker, huh? Not really! I have mentioned this before on other blogs on my page. To be a true sub, you also have to have a dominance streak in you. I’m for sure I’m going to turn you into my submissive pet just as much as I will ultimately become your subby slut.

I will talk so dirty to you and make you get so turned on you will forget you had that alpha streak. Right before my eyes, you have transformed into my submissive beta bitch with some words and a couple of gestures. Look how the tables turn. Never be so sure of your stance that you disregard a blonde bimbo who can make you lose it all and make you worship her. You thought for sure you had this by the horns. Well, baby giddy-up cause of plot twist, this sweetie can make you worship her from head to toe with only a few subtle words.


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Dirty Talking Women Know What You Need

dirty talking women

As you probably already know, dirty talking women are a dime a dozen. But when you want the best around, that’s when you come to me. You aren’t going to get what you’re looking for with just anyone. Don’t worry, though, because having a woman like me around is going to change your life. I’m going to help you with those fantasies that have been bouncing around in your head for your entire life. Of course, I love working with sissy sluts, but you can call me for anything and everything. I don’t discriminate just because I have a favorite fetish.

I bet you thought you’d never have someone who you could actually talk about your fantasies with while you jerk off. An actual sex therapist isn’t going to be cool with that, but I am. Just lay it all on me, baby. No matter what you’re fantasizing about, it’s going to be totally okay with me, I promise. I don’t believe in labels, limits, or rules. I know that I sound like your kind of person, right? What are you waiting for? Call me for the extreme ecstasy that you deserve in your life, and I’ll serve it up.


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Dirty Phone Talk About Daughters

Dirty Phone Talk

I love some dirty phone talk regarding my young daughters and all the things I’d love to see you do to them! I bet we can come up with some intense, explosive anal play! If nor nothing more than to scare them to fucking death, count me in! I get so turned on when I force my oldest to dress in her harlequin checkerboard cat suit with the ass and pussy slit all cut out for the perfect access to her stupid young little cunt. The fucking pussy drools any time a cool breeze hits it, so you know damn well when I load her up on a breeding bench and line her up with a fuck machine so she can practice for my gang rape fantasies that she’s pouring a fucking river from that tiny cunt. While her little baby doll asshole is getting pounded away, I make sure my younger daughter gets set up with a sparkler sticking out of her ass! I hope the sparks and embers hit her and singe that silky little skin she has. The more it hurts, the wetter she gets. And the wetter she gets, the easier these little cunts are to breed. Step right up, breed a small submissive girl.


No Limits Phone Sex

Mommy Whore Erin

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