Dirty Phone Talk is A Good Sluts Favorite Trick

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk to get a guy worked up so his dick is extra hard by the time you get his dick in the vicinity of your cunt? I know for me, it leaves me wanting to get my hands on every inch of your perfect body.

Once we’re alone together, there won’t be any holding back. My hands will explore every inch of your hard muscles while my lips trail kisses down your chest and stomach until they reach their destination – that massive cock straining against your pants. I want it so bad!

Oh baby…you have no idea how much I need you right now too. When we finally get naked together, you will be worship these beautiful tits with your tongue before moving lower to tease your wet cunt with gentle kisses until it’s begging for more than just words. Then you’ll slide inside slowly but surely until we’re both moaning in unison. And don’t worry, I’ll find your prostate, baby – I promise to find it and fuck it hard with my dildo. Meanwhile your cock pumps in and out of my tight cunt. But that won’t be all…I want to feel every inch of you around me so when you pull out and slide up into that wet pussy from behind, hammering away at just the right angle to hit my G-spot as you finger my ass at the same time.

And when we finally collapse together in a sweaty heap? Well, let’s not forget about those beautiful lips of mine that you love so much! They were made for sucking cock! Oh they will taste even better covered in our combined juices. So go ahead…take as much as you want because tonight is all about satisfying each other’s desires – no matter how dirty or depraved they may be.

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