Dirty Phone Talk with Shannon

Dirty phone talkI hadn’t seen him since before I became a dirty phone talk slut, and he was moving in down the hall from me. He gave me the key to his apartment (temporarily, he said) to help him out in case furniture or something came while he was out. Well, furniture did come, and I opened it up for him, only to find that they were delivering a wicker lounger and love-seat, a small table and 2 chairs that I assumed were the dinette, and a full bedroom set the movers said they weren’t responsible for setting up. I had no idea if this was all the furniture he had, or was just a small portion of it, but I knew just how to help him relax when he got off work, and it was nearly that time anyway. I got all naked, and I sat down on that wicker lounger waiting for him to get home and see what he’d been missing while he was away. When he walked in, I was there, and his hard-on told me he was very happy to see me. I eased my way up off the lounger and walked over to him, shutting the door behind him. I started kissing him, working my way from his mouth to his jaw to his shirt collar. I undid his shirt, and let my mouth follow that trail til I found his fly, too. Once he was as naked as I was, I took his dick right in my mouth and down my throat, and that was all she wrote. He let me have my way with him the entire rest of the evening.

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