Dirty talking crack whores

Dirty talking women

I’m a wild and adventurous kind of girl. There’s no type of taboo sex play that I won’t try once, and there’s no type of drug or drink I won’t try either. I was at a festival partying with some friends and there was pretty much every type of drug you could think of there. There were powders, pills, needles, and everything in between. There was also a tent with a huge orgy happening inside. I couldn’t wait to join, but I wanted to get fucked up first. My friend told me about a new way to get fucked up that seemed kind of crazy, but it would be the best high I’ve ever had. She had me bend over and pull my panties down and spread my ass cheeks. She dissolved two little pills in some water and then used a syringe to pump it into my asshole. In no time I was rolling good and high off my ass. We hit the orgy tent and it’s like every touch sent an electric thrill through my body. I sucked cock after cock and ended up taking a dick in the ass while my friend ate my pussy. When I’m this high, I just can’t slow down. I can fuck for hours, so that’s what I did.

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