Dirty Talking Women are Hot

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the hottest, don’t you agree? A Harvard study found recently that women who swear have the best sex lives. Fucking better believe we do. I have always talked like a sailor. I tell my sons to eat mommy’s wet cunt and lick her hot fucking asshole all the time. I hate the clinical words like penis and vagina. They sound so unsexy. I bet you like the thought of your mother not only being a dirty talker, but just being a dirty whore. Do you remember the first time you heard your mother masturbating, or better yet, the first time you heard her getting fucked? I bet it made your dick not only hard, but the memory stuck with you. I talk to guys daily who twenty plus years later still remember the first time they saw their mother as a whore.

My sons remember the first time the heard me fucking. I brought home a hung man I picked up at a bar. I was not yet a dirty mommy, but I had needs. Needs that couldn’t be met by little baby dicks. I was very loud and raunchy. I had not been fucked in months. I don’t remember it as well as the boys. I was yelling fuck my cougar cunt. I was begging for him to cum in my pussy. It was rough, loud fucking that woke my boys from a dead sleep. They were quite turned on. Once my lover left, they stormed my bedroom with hard dicks demanding some of that cougar cunt. In fact, they insisted they had more of a right to my fuck holes than some stranger. I saw them in a different light that night, as they saw me in a different light too. I discovered that three boy dicks crammed up a fuck hole, is equally, if not more pleasing than one man cock. I stopped going on the prowl that night. I had all the fucking I needed, under my roof.

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