Dirty Talking Women Can be Cuckold Specialists Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can help you explore your darkest fantasies and your kinks and fetishes. I am a phone sex therapist. I have a Ph.D. in psychology, and I teach college. My field of specialty is human sexuality. I love helping men understand their kinks. I talk to guys with mommy fantasies. I talk to panty boys. I talk to sissies and adult babies too. My favorite caller, however, is a cuckold. That is because this dirty woman cuckolded two husbands. I understand how wives feel. Women get older and they hit their sexual peak. In their sexual prime, they need more sex, and they need bigger cocks. Our pussies get wider as we age, especially if we are mothers. We are no longer okay with just laying there like a dead fish as some pin dick gives us his little monster. The problem is the men. Most men never understand a woman’s changing needs as she ages. They also never realize their short comings.  That is why I am pro wife phone sex. I have your wife’s back, when you do not. Couples who come to me for sexual dysfunction, are not always happy with my honesty. I make the men show me their cocks, and when I see a short stack, I laugh and make sure he knows he is the reason for his wife’s sexual unhappiness. I love talking to cuckold husbands and cuckolding wannabes but be prepared for my brutal honesty.

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