Dirty Talking Women Can Be Husband Stealing Cunts

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the most fun women you can meet. Married men love me. Teen boys love me. Single men love me. Black men love me. Why? Because I love to fuck, and I love to suck. I have no shame.  I flirt with all men, and I do not care if they are married. I will still fuck them. I was at a party over the weekend. Why I was invited is a mystery to me. This woman I was friends with in high school invited me. She said some other alumni would be there too. This woman was a mean girl in school. I never let her get to me because I stood up for myself, but she ran others into the mud. I was suspect of the invite, but I went. Turns out this bitch is still living in her high school mean girl days. Married with a hot teen son. She invited me to try to make me uncomfortable. No clue why. Maybe she was always pissed off that she never got to me. She was trying to shame me for living in a trailer park. I did not let her bait me. She did not get to me, and the harder she tried, the nicer I was to her. I fucked her husband in their bed while she was downstairs entertaining guests though. He was not hard to seduce. I had fucked him in high school too. They were high school sweethearts. I had no clue they got married. I think she must have found out about us, and it’s lingered with her. I don’t plot revenge. I just take the opportunity and when I saw who her husband was, I took that opportunity. He was easy to seduce. He was easy back then too. I love marred phone sex men. I hate stuck up bitches. So, any man married to a woman who throws me shade, well I will spread my legs for him and relish in the havoc it creates. I am a dirty talking slut. Women should not mess with me. I plan on fucking her son next.

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