Dirty Talking Women Have Dirty Hot Stories to Share

dirty talking womenDirty talking women loved to be tied up. I am a bondage whore. Ever since I was a little girl, men have tied me up. It started with daddy. He knew I would run away if I had the chance, so when he left the house, he tied me to the bed. When I was super small, he never worried about me. I was too young to run away. However, as I aged, he knew it was more of a risk. He did not want to lose his favorite sex doll.

My earliest memories consist of not so fond memories. Daddy came into my bedroom when he thought I was sleeping. I would just lay their limp like a dead animal. I played possum. Daddy never cared if I liked it or not. He fucked me anyway. He did not care if my body went limp. In fact, I think he preferred it. I never screamed. I never fought him off.  I just let him have his way with me.

Bondage Whore For Life

One day, when I was a young teen girl, I decided enough was enough. I plotted my escape. It took years to escape, but I had a plan. I stole a little cash here and there from daddy. He got drunk and passed out and I would liberate some cash from his wallet. Once I had enough money for a bus ticket to NYC and food for a month, I ran away.

But before I escaped, I endured hell. Daddy tied me to the bed when he went to work because he knew I would leave him. Even though I never said a word, he saw the wheels spinning in my head. Daddy fucked me many times a day. He even pissed on me too. When I had enough and had an opportunity, I left. I thought I would never be a submissive whore again, but I was wrong.

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