Dirty Talking Women make you be a dirty boy

Dirty Talking Women are grannies that make you do naughty things. Like lick mommies cunt. I walked in on you both cuddling and a pervy thought came to mind. “Lick mommies cunt” I say while pulling my daughters big juicy mom tits out. Right away you take your mom panties off. You know to obey grannies every request. I have groomed you very well and that is why you start lapping your mommy like a hungry slut.

As I watch you lick the hole you came.out of I start to undress you. Then I pull my favorite toy out and start to use it in my wet granny cunty. “You will make sure you put on a good show for me” I say as you push your tongue inside your moms hole. I start to jerk off your young cock while you lick her pussy. At the same time I fuck my cunt with my toy.  As soon as I feel your cock start to leak, I moan” fuck your moms pussy gor granny. Right away you get in between her legs and stuff your young hard cock inside her.

Dirty Talking Women

As you pump my daughter hard I pump my pussy too. I was so horny that I started to squirt. After my toy was soaked up I got behind you and pushed it inside your boycunt. “I will milk your prostate into the pussy you came out of. “you will make sure to take it just like your mommy is taking your cock” i demand. That is what you did and when you were close you begged for granny to let you fill her up. After you did, I made sure you cleaned her up too. It is a grannies job to teach you. It is why you call granny for Dirty phone talk late nights. 

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