Dirty Talking Women Make Your Christmas Better

dirty talking womenDirty talking women make your Christmas better. People think grandmas like me are too old to be sexy. But I know you do not think that way. And I know my family does not think that way either. My family loves the holidays. However, we never need an excuse to fuck. We fuck like animals every chance we get. My oldest grandson is home from college and staying with his sexy granny.

The boy walks around my house like he swallowed an entire bottle of Viagra. But he never took any pills. His cock just loves me. My big tits especially. I woke up this morning with my grandson straddling my body. He knows I am down to fuck him even when I am asleep. I live my family life like I do my phone sex life. No limits ever. If you are horny in my house, you can fuck me even if I am asleep.

This Sexy Granny Likes to Wake Up to a Hard Cock

Since I am a rather light sleep, I will wake up with the first thrust. At least I hope I do. I never want to sleep through a hot fuck. My grandson told me as soon as he began to push my big tits against his cock, I woke up. Good thing too because I would not have wanted to miss his morning wood. I woke up and saw a big hard cock staring me in the face. So, I tilted my head up, opened my mouth and welcomed his morning wood.

I slobbered all over his cock as I woke up. A few minutes in grandma’s mouth and we were both awake. Wide awake. After about ten minutes of titty and mouth fucking, my horny grandson wanted to be inside of my pussy. I wanted him inside me too. I needed to feel his cum shooting inside my old cunt.

What a way to wake up. The stories with my family are real and I love to share them on no limits phone sex calls.

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