Dirty Talking Women Will Fuck You in a Public Bathroom

dirty talking womenDirty talking women swallow. Any girl who talks like a sailor in the bedroom is a keeper. Why? Because a woman who boldly says things like, “Eat my fucking cunt,” will go down on you in a movie theater. However, I will go down on you anywhere. I love cum. And I love cock.

I went out the other night. Gussied myself up and went to the right side of the tracks to meet some sexy rich men. Or at least men who do not live in a trailer park. And I found this hot older black man in a Rolex and a nice suit. He made my heart stop and my pussy flutter. Black men are my weakness.

Perhaps Don was not looking for hooker phone sex, but he got it. I just had to convince him I was worth the money. You see, I needed some rent money. Normally, I go to the truck stop, but I need over a grand. I thought I could hustle for it on the good side of town. And hustle I did. That handsome black guy told me he would give me what I needed but I had to work for it.

I Work Hard for The Money

So, I blew him in the bathroom to show him some of my skills. He flipped me around before he could nut and slammed his cock deep in my asshole. Thickest cock ever. I felt like a Popsicle on a stick with his dick in my ass like that. But he had just gotten started. I mean he rammed that dick in all my holes and invited his friends into the bathroom.

So, I got to be a gangbang whore in a bar bathroom. Upscale bathroom too. I do not think this phone sex slut has ever been in a bathroom so nice. But I made all the money I needed for the rent. My ass hurts like hell today, but I will be back in action again soon. I have more bills to pay.

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