Dirty Talking Women Will Make You Cum Hard

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can make you cum so hard that you feel like you are really fucking us. I love to fuck. Although I am married, I rarely fuck my husband. I do love him, but he is 20 years older. And that was fine in my 20s. But now that I am in my 50s, his dick does not work as well as it once did. But I still need dick. So, I cuckold him.

Sometimes my husband watches. And other times he needs to hear about it second hand because he is at work or the gym. After my last big cock he missed, he decided a nanny cam would let him watch me in action remotely. Brillant idea. Not sure why I never thought about it.

So yesterday was my first hookup after installing the cameras. My husband went to work, so he was not home to watch the fun. I’ll admit that I felt nervous. Like a porn star. But I love dirty phone sex. I knew I could handle it. So, I made sure my hung lover was in front of the hidden camera and I started blowing his hard young cock. He blew his first load all over my face. I turned to the camera, smiled, winked and licked the cum off my lips.

My Husband Loves to Watch Me in Action

My young stud had no idea what I was doing. He was lost in the sensation of a large cum load deposited on my face anyway. When I pumped his cock back to life, I road him reverse cowgirl so I was facing the nanny cam. I wanted my husband to see his cock going inside my hairy pussy. And I wanted him to see me smiling as I rode that young hard cock.

As soon as my stud left, my husband called me from his office. He got so turned on watching his whore wife in action. So, I gave him some hot phonesex. I just told him to bring me home some Starbucks as payment, LOL.

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