My boss and My Boyfriend

dirty phone talk

My pussy is your friend, and she really wants to catch up, don’t you miss her perfect love. My pussy needs you terribly, my cunt is so crazy for you baby I just need you. I thought that I could do without you for a week or two. But baby that’s killing me. I’m aching for you badly I miss you so much can’t you come and save me now. My boyfriend, he’s a fucker he is such a fuck up, I need you to replace him. My boyfriend is so jealous of you he says that every time you come and pick me up for work that I’m doing more than working with you. I told that sorry ass fucker I was just your employee that you were my boss and I had a job to do since he doesn’t want to work, what else am I supposed to do. I have to work for a man so shut up that’s what I told him. That’s how it begins anyway I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but he kept pushing me and so I just had to. He made me want you; he made me need you because he used to always be so jealous and talking about us. So now we’re fucking we’re having cum guzzling good fucking sex. My boyfriend is a hater I want you to come to pick me up. Please pick me up I want to work late hours with you, I want to get some paperwork done if you know what I mean. We can work all night long I told him that I had a big job to do. Only if my boyfriend knew that the job I was doing tonight would be a big blow job and that I was going to suck your cock until you spray cum everywhere. You are the best boss ever you bought me a car when my sorry-ass boyfriend couldn’t even buy me a bus pass. My boyfriend is a fucking nobody that’s why I fuck you and suck your cock better than him because he’s not worth it. All I need is you boss man you’re the one I really want if you didn’t have a wife I would marry you. I know I fuck you better than your wife ever will because she can’t fuck like me. I suck your dick; I fuck you right.

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