Daddys Little Girl


I am a dirty talking women, see? “Daddy you’re going to have to lick my little ass tomorrow from making it sooo sore today” I pouted and Daddy smiled because there might be nothing he loves more. My ass felt raw from this morning, I could still feel the pressure in my ass. I feel stretched out from Daddy’s big swollen head. My ass is still dripping cum and it makes me want more… I know if I beg Daddy he’ll give me what I want, and NEED. Daddy didn’t mind at all when I asked him to eat my ass. He had me get down on my knees and elbows and pull my ass cheeks apart. He slowly kissed down my back to the top of my ass and then licked all over my ass cheeks. Then he took his tongue and pressed it against my aching, crinkled little butthole. He started to move his tongue in circles around my asshole and lightly pressed his tongue down to get inside my asshole, which is my favorite. My whole body shuddered with pleasure as he kept his tongue in my asshole and kept wiggling and moving it around. Daddy knows exactly what I like, and he always works his best to please me. This time, he definitely did the trick.

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