Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talkI am such a horny mom! My sons have been listening to me fuck all day. Usually they are off with their friends today and I can have over all the fuck buddies I want. But since they are home I guess they just get to hear me moan on big fat man cocks. I have a big long hard cock right in front of me, begging to fill me up and penetrate me. My door is a little cracked open. I remember closing it all the way. I beg for that cock to stuff my pussy and fill me up. He shoves himself into my pink pussy.

My sons all the sudden nudge the door and it flies open and I see my two sons with their cocks in their hands, beating away at those boy cocks. I almost still did not want to stop fucking. I mean my fuck buddies friend was still slamming in and out of me and I was taking every inch of him buried inside of me. I finally had him stop for a brief second so I could take my boys back to their rooms while letting my man friend wait in my room. I got to my sons rooms and dropped down to my hands and knees and told them how much they turned my mommy pussy on.

They wanted my mommy pussy so much. I opened my mouth wide to fit those cocks both into my cheeks. That man has no idea that I left his cock to fuck my sons cocks. I spread my pussy and tell them that their cocks belong in me and to please fill me up and fuck me deep. I am going to get that hot son juice inside of me.

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