Dirty Phone Talk With Tamsin

Dirty phone talk

You found this number for dirty phone talk while scrolling the internet at your hotel room. It had been a long day of meetings and now you were looking to unwind. You called the number a little unsure of what you might find. What you found was me and my super sexy titillating voice.

I may be a nurse by day but at night the nasty cock sucking whore comes out. My pussy gets so wet when I tell strange men over the phone all the dirty things that I have done. Like last night I went to an adult bookstore with the soul purpose of finding multiple men for a gang bang. I wanted to feel a big hard cock in all of my holes at the same time.

I spotted a group of men that would do rather nicely. I walked up to them in my short red skirt with my tits and ass hanging out. I ask them if they wanted to get a private room. Funny thing was they thought I was a prostitute. I wanted to be treated like a dirty nasty whore so I decided not to correct them and to just let it all play out.

They were an aggressive bunch. They basically ripped my clothes off and one of them roughly face fucked me. But I have to admit, it made my pussy soaking wet. They pulled my hair and slapped my ass while pounding all of my fuck holes. The rougher they became and the nastier they talked to me the more my pussy responded.

Dirty Talking Women

I enjoyed being told I was a cheap fucking dirty whore. How they would tell me to take their big hard cocks you nasty cum guzzling slut would make my pussy purr. When they shot their hot jizz all over me covering me in a huge cum shower, I was in complete ecstasy. The fact that they paid me a few thousand dollars afterwards made my night priceless!

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