Dirty Talking Woman Harmony

Dirty Talking Women

I know dirty talking women can get your cock going baby! that is why I am here to help you through it of course. Why don’t we start by getting rid of these pants and those boxer shorts baby? Yeah, I want to see that cock of yours spring to life in front of my eyes! Fuck baby I love this cock. I run my hand over your cock and rub it up and down, licking the very tip to coat it with your precum. I want you to fuck me hard with your cock baby but let me get it wet for you. Don’t you like staring at my sexy body? Here suck on my tits and play with my pussy a bit. I know you love how wet this pussy is just for you! I am going to get back down on my knees and take your cock deeper down my throat. I gag and moan out loud making your cock within my mouth. As I swirl my tongue around your thick dick. I use my fingers to rub my pussy and my clit. I already feel myself about to cum! I’m screaming in pleasure as I make myself cum all over my hands and the screams are muffled by your cock! The scream vibrates your cock and makes you cum hard! I can feel the jets of cum going down my throat and I waste no time swallowing it. I don’t want this cum to go to waste baby! I swallow every last drop of sweet and salty baby batter down my throat like a thirsty whore and jump up so we can fuck! I fall back onto your bed and spread my legs for you to get a good look at my cunt! Fuck me, baby!

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