Dirty Talking Women are Dominating

Dirty Talking Women can be the most mischievous of women making them great and dominating. I can vouch for this from my own experiences of being a dirty talk kind of woman.

Making men into putty by my very presence is great. You wouldn’t stand a chance when I laid my gaze on you. I talk so refined and filthy like it was nothing for me. It isn’t, I’ve always had a bad mouth on me. Thing is though, I back it up, every filthy bit of it. Hahaha…. I am a Dirty Girl Phone Sex Goddess, after all.

So when this neighbor of mine started flirting with me when his gf wasn’t around, this gave me power. It’s how you take and use that power is everything. I was attracted to him and used his flirtations to my full advantage. Taking advantage of him and getting that dick. I excel in this area, and even more when I can manipulate and blackmail hi now.

Dirty Talking Women

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