Dirty Talking Women are Sexy Mommies Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are mommies too. And we are the hottest women around. Look at me? I am a sexy mommy. I love to fuck my sons, but I like to fuck their friends too. Friday night, my sons each invited a friend to spend the night. They act like my wingmen. They find the hottest boys in school to invite over so their hot mommy can have some fun too. My boys picked winners too this weekend. I was in heat. Three young teen boys with milf fever and stiff dicks. I walked around in high heels and a see thru baby doll teddy just to see their reactions. I am a stacked mommy. And boys that age love big tits and mature women. I am definitely a Mrs. Robinson. I love teenage cock. It is always hard. It is always full of cum. And it never needs a blue pill or half a day to recuperate after cumming either. I think most milfs know that teen cocks are the best fit for their pussies. My sons sometimes get jealous. It is not that they do not take care of me because they do. Very well too. They just cannot keep up with me. I am 40 and in my sexual prime. I can wear any boy or man out, but if they are good wingmen for mommy, I never get bored, and they never get worn out. Six boys in a night is not even a record for this milf phone sex tramp. I am so lucky that I have boys who want to keep mommy happy.

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