Dirty Talking Women are Hot on the Phone and in Bed

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women are what every man needs in his life. I hear that a lot. I think dirty talking girls like me are the best in bed. If we talk uninhibited, we fuck just the same way. I have this one guy I have talked to for ions. He has called me since I started my phone career. He calls me his fun wife. He is married to an uber religious woman who will not even say damn or fuck. She does not even like to fuck her husband. Hell, she will not even get naked in front of her husband. Why be married if you are not going to fuck your man? To me that is like an important part of being married. My caller has to hide his fetishes and his kinks and his party ways from his wife. She is just one huge killjoy. But with me we can get high and talk about young girls. I never judge. I fuck young boys. I fuck black cocks. I do coke almost daily. I have no limits. When we talk, we talk about anything you want. I am all about dirty phone sex. I want to be the fun wife for you too.

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