Dirty Talking Women are Modern Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are everywhere. The days of being seen but not heard are long gone. I won’t ever shut my mouth unless there is a cock in it! This guy tried to tell me it was not polite to talk like a sailor in front of my boys. Little did he know I fuck my boys. They have heard far worse. This man had no clue who he was talking too. He started spewing some archaic notions of womanhood. I was pissed at him.  I let a litany of vulgar words spew from my mouth then told him I make more money in a week than he does in a month being a dirty phone sex slut. I took my boys home and we had some angry sex. They weren’t angry, but I was. I wasn’t angry at them, just angry at the douche bag who thought a woman swearing was inappropriate. I am an inappropriate woman and proud of it. I have no qualms about fucking my sons. I have no qualms about talking dirty either. I am a modern woman.

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