Dirty Talking Women are P Grannies Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be old broads like me. I am a p mommy and grandma who loves fucking her grand angels. I just like them young. I cannot get enough of my grand angels. My second youngest grand girl is at that age my callers just love to talk about. You know what age I mean. No hair on their pussies yet. No tits. A cute little bubble butt. And the best part is that age is so easy to corrupt. I am showing her how to please her dirty grandma. I showed her all my special spots and how to make them purr like the kitty when petted. I told her good girls get presents and treats. I had her take her little fingers and poke around my pussy and ass. I encouraged her to taste my sexy granny pussy. She scooped it out like it was cotton candy. It was her uncle’s cum inside me. She ate it off her fingers and never grimaced once. I like getting the young girls accustomed to the taste of cum at a young age. That is how you make a great cum whore like my daughters. My young grand girl is going to be a natural jizz junkie. Once she started eating her uncle’s cum from my cunt, I squirted all over her little face. She smiled and giggled. She thought I peed on her. That age is so much fun to play with.

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