Dirty Talking Women Are Prostitutes

Dirty Talking women are indeed the sluts of the world. We are prostitutes, strippers and trailer trash milfs. Women with really dirty language are what make life more exciting. I am a trailer trash whore. A retired stripper that works the VIP room for BBC.

My filthy language is making me bank working on the dirty phone lines making perverts fantasies hotter. Even during bad times the one thing that is always in demand is sex. Sex sells and so does taboo fantasies that make your vanilla sex life more exciting. I am like the ghost pepper to your poblano. It’s the spice that heats your bland dish.

Dirty talking women offer the spice to life

The other day a guy called in and was so fucking afraid of insulting me it took a few minutes for him to open up. Once I splattered his bland fantasy with a kick of sexy taboo sluts that are barely legal he perked up quick. I know if I was there to see what the filthy talk I was feeding him I would see that cock leaking. That, my dear is exactly what I offer. I take you on the wild side and make you never want to look back to fucking a lame missionary cunt.

Dirty talking women

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