Dirty Talking Women are The Best Whores

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best kind to know. Dirty talkers have dirty minds and usually dirty lives. I sure as fuck do and I would not have it any other way. Honestly, I love being a P mom. Sure, I drive the mom SUV and take the boys to soccer practice. But I also let them use me like a porn star. And they do too. They love pumping me full of cum. I picked up some boys from the skate park today. It got brutally hot and my son texted me to come get him and his brother. When I arrived, there were a bunch of other boys checking out the hot milf. I invited them home. They thought to swim in the pool. I let them do that too. The real reason I had them over, however, was so that they would gang bang this dirty old milf. I need those young boy cocks. Teen cock too. I had a mix of ages in my house and in my fuck holes. Every boy I brought home, including my sons wanted to gang bang a red headed milf. I just needed that boy juice. I am addicted to sweet boy cum, especially those cocks so young that they do not have swimmers yet. I got nailed all afternoon long and pumped full of young spunk. Some I let swim on up inside me, the rest I guzzled. I am not your typical soccer mom, am I? I bet though I am the one of your wet dreams.

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