Dirty Talking Women Charlotte

Dirty Talking Women

For finding the best dirty talking women you got to tell us what turns you on! What makes your cock rock hard? I have a daddy who loves worshipping my body! He is so sweet and sensual and talks so sweetly to me to let me know how much he loves and cares for my sexy body. He laid me down gently in his bed and littered me with his sweet kisses on my chest down to my stomach and then down to my pussy! He licked my pussy gently and used his fingers to massage my inner pussy walls growing slick and wet for him. He murmurs something softly into my cunt and used his other hand to grab and massage my tits. I moaned and mewed softly for him as he made my body shake and tremble in pleasure. I arched my back as he brought me to the brink of my first orgasm, The dark hair of his chin tickled as I pushed my pussy upwards in a screaming release of pleasure. He told me that his name coming from his mouth nearly made him cum himself, but he was far from a selfish lover. He rested me back down and soothed me. He shushed me and played with my hair before getting his cock out and crawling back on top of me. He pushed that cock into my throbbing pussy, making me say his name for him. He moved my hair out of my face, dragging his hand down my neck and along my stomach while he pumped into me again and again. He thrust roughly. He knows what I can handle, but he just loses control leaving those sexy bruises on my thighs and my tits. He kissed them all better and made me cum…

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