Dirty Talking Women discuss the art of castration.

Dirty talking women                Dirty Talking Women discuss the art of castration. Now that is not the only thing but at the same time it is important to know what methods should be deployed.  A group discussion means everyone has an understanding. We can make it painful. Who uses what. What has been tried and true. Like the castration clippers, the elastrator (with the bands), the CBT, are normally among the favorites. Personally, I am for the pain. That is to say, a dull rusty knife will cause infection and pain.

                At the same time, I won’t always use a rusty knife for it would make a great appetizer for the two of us. Share some cock. They say oysters are an aphrodisiac. Join me in a slice of cock. We don’t hold to boundaries or limits. No, not at all. The Dirty phone talk will have you wanting to cum. Going to tie up those balls and keep it in. Once the castration is complete then you wouldn’t be able to cum at all. No balls, no cum, no cock you have a slit. Just cum out of your ass.

                That is to say if you want me to feed that to you as well. After all the oysters are working and making me even kinkier and dirtier. This dirty minded bitch is called the Snuff Queen Killer Bee for a reason. Stings are deadly. In the mood someone who is nasty and evil then I am here.

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