Dirty Talking Women give daddy a special young gift

Dirty Talking Women give their daughters to daddy. Since it was a special day I wanted to surprise daddy with a great gift. My youngest little butt-hole needed to be fucked and it was daddies gift to do so. “Today is your special day” I say to daddy as I expose her little butt hole. Once he saw her bald little pussy and asshole, my daddy dove in with his tongue.

Seeing the way daddy licked my daughters hoke made me think of the first time he licked me and it made me horny. Therefore I started rubbing my cunt too. “Daddy I want you to fuck her booty hole just like you fuck mine” I moan as I continue to plunge my fingers in my cunt. “Bend your daughter over and put her in position” daddy instructs of me. After I put my daughter in the position daddy likes, he got in between her legs.

Dirty Talkibng Women

“Grandpa will fuck you hard and you will feel how mommy feels when I am deep inside her” he moaned as he started pushing inside her bottom. “Look at your ass open up around daddies cock” he moaned again. But I just kept fucking my.pussy just like my daughter kept taking every inch of her grandpa’s dick. Finally when he was balls deep, he started pounding her hard.

Daddy was pounding my daughter so hard that I got a bit jealous. Then he puts his foot on her back and starts ramming harder into her. That did it, it made me cum so hard all over my fingers. Once daddy saw me squirting he started to fill my daughters butt hole. “Now grandpa’s cock just like your mommy does, mommy will show you how I like” he said firmly.

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