Dirty Talking Women Fuck Husband And Wife

Dirty Talking Women love fucking husbands and their wives. I was picked up at a bar by a husband and wife, they told me they had party favors back at their place and I love to get high. When I got there, they showed me their party room. They had a bed and many sex toys, plus a table where they got high off of.

Dirty Talking WomenI right away did some lines. I turned around and they were naked and ready to fuck. I dropped my clothes too, they attacked me like wild dogs grabbing at my tits and licking my nipples while starting to finger my holes. She left and came back with a dildo she shoved up my cunt. She licked my clit while fucking my pussy, his cock was poking at my hip as he sucked on my nipple and fingered my ass. They stopped and told me to do a line off her body. I went for it I love blow, as I bent over to do my line off her tummy, I could feel him poking his dick on my asshole. My asshole started getting numb and I knew he had rubbed some powder on it. He pushed up inside my asshole as I did my line and fucked me while I was bent over his wife. As he pounded my ass, I licked her cunt. We partied all night and fucked each other until we passed out. In the morning I made sure to tell them how much they owed me; I don’t fuck for free.

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