Dirty Talking Women Jordan

Dirty Talking Women


I love being a part of the dirty talking women! I have so much fun playing different parts in role plays! I have a few daddies that love for me to age play all sorts of different ages baby! What do you want me to be today? Ooh, I love teens! They’re fresh with not a lot of hair because they can’t stand it and some have small tits just like mine and they dress so sexy! Here daddy, do you like my tights? How about my super short crop top and booty shorts eating my sweet, little ass? I want your tongue deep in my holes with your cock right after baby! Here, watch me strip down to nothing and show off my sexy, small teen body! You can rub your hands over my little tits and use your fingers to fuck my cunt. I want to be screaming and squirming for you daddy! I can feel your cock grow harder under my ass. Take it out for me daddy I want to feel you shove deep into me! Please, daddy! I get down to my knees and stick out my tongue to show you how much I need it. I let you push it into my mouth and put a fistful of my hair into your hands, pulling it tight and thrusting your hips into my mouth. Fuck daddy your cock is so hard and thick for me! I can feel y pussy getting so wet for you, making a dark spot on my panties and showing how much I was turned on by your cock shoved down my throat. I use my fingers to massage my clit and finger my cunt deep! I want to cum on them and have you taste my sweet juices off of them baby! 

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