Dirty Talking Women know how to sell their holes

Dirty Talking Women like me know how to sell my holes to get what I need. Mommy taught me to do so. She sold my mouth for a baggy of dope. After that I decided to sell myself.

Dirty Talking Women

My friend’s dad was the one who bought my asshole first. He told me he would give me as much money as I wanted. Being so young I sold my asshole for the amount mama pays in rent. He raised my skirt and slid my panties off while bending me over. After flicking his tongue on my little holes he used his leaky cock to lube my booty hole. He picked up my little body and slid my ass right on his big cock. It hurt so bad, but he covered my mouth so he couldn’t hear my cries. My friends dad fucked me and moaned out how he has been wanting a young sluts butt. He kept pumping his semen inside my young ass. He was happy to pay me and told me that he would buy my young holes any time. After that any time i spent the night at my friend’s house her daddy was paying to fuck my young little holes.

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