Dirty Talking Women on New Years

Dirty Talking WomenI love dirty talking women. They are so sexy and there is just something great about a woman with a dirty mind and tongue. So, as I and my girls all dance for you. Our diamond collars with satin gloves. All kissing, touching, teasing each other for your pleasure. I was picked to be the main attraction for our new year’s celebration. So, I’ve been put on a table meant to hold me open for all the attention wants to be given to me. They blindfolded me and I heard a whisper next to my ear reminding me what a whore I am. The pleasure I’m going to give to these men. I can feel work harden hands run up my inner thighs, a big hot tongue lick and suck on my pussy. Teasing my clit with his teeth making me whimper and moan, squirming against the table even as the other women strap my wrists and ankles to the table. Another big hand comes and takes a fistful of my hair and I feel a cock run along my tongue as he slowly fucks my mouth. The man on my pussy keeping me on edge and not letting me orgasm as the other men take advantage of my hands now and mouth. I even feel a cock run up and down the length of my foot. I wanted to cum so bad that it was driving me crazy but he kept me on that edge with those evil lips and tongue. It wasn’t until I heard the crowd start to count down “10, 9, 8…” that he began to really tease my clit and pussy. Letting me build up and up, my orgasm not hitting me until they reached 1. Making me orgasm harder than I ever had before and squirting all over the man eating my pussy.

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