Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I went over to my favorite uncles house the other day. His door was unlocked so I went right on in, wandering through the house calling out his name. I finally got to his bedroom and opened the door. There was my uncle fucking some blond girl with a tight little body.

She maybe weighed 105 pounds, had perky little tits and hard nipples that could cut through glass. His cock looked so glossy sliding in and out of her. I must have just walked right in as they were finishing. Their bodies both twitched and arched as he spayed his cum inside her pussy. He looked at me and I quickly ran out.

I heard him tell his girl to stay there. He chased after me and made me halt once I got to the front door. He gave me a talking to, noticing that I was jealous. Before I could run out of the house, he pulled me by my hair to the couch. He sat me down and made me suck her sweet pussy juice off his cock.

I felt his veins fill up and felt his cock grow inside my wet mouth. He started fucking my face, sliding himself in and out of my lips. He realized how turned on I was getting and picked me up so that our waists were level with one another. He sat back on the couch and helped guide his cock inside of my pussy hole.

I bounce up and down trying to forced his huge cock deeper inside my tiny little pussy. He always makes me feel like a special girl. I know he always has plenty of cum to go around!

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