Father’s Day Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women celebrate Father’s Day too. I have not seen my biological father in almost 2 decades, but I have a lot of sugar daddies. They treat me better than my own daddy did anyway. He was a mean son of a bitch. I decided to honor one special daddy a little early this year. I called him over when I knew his wife and rug rats were away on vacation with his mother in law. I bought sexy lingerie from Victoria Secret just for my special daddy. I cooked dinner, even had his favorite bottle of bourbon and some stogies he likes ready for him. Father’s Day is all about daddy, so I was set on giving Daddy a special night. He was impressed with the lengths I went through to give him a special Father’s Day celebration. He even admitted his own wife would not put forth such an effort. Of course, she wouldn’t. Daddy gives special attention to his favorite sugar baby. I mean he always licks my pussy until I cum a dozen times. Then he fucks my tight ass so hard, I want to explode. He spoils me too with money and presents. How can I not want to give him a special Father’s Day? He guzzled his fine bourbon off my big tits. He even fucked my pussy with his cigar like he was Bill Clinton and I was his intern. It was all worth it because Daddy came all over my face and gave me a hot squirting pussy. He spent the night so we could fuck for hours. I love all my sugar daddies. As a submissive whore, it is my duty to worship each and every one this coming Father’s Day. Do you need a special girl to celebrate Father’s Day with this year?

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