Nasty Dirty Talking Women

Dirty phone talk Wanna hear some nasty Dirty phone talk? I was sitting in the living room when I heard a knock at the front door. I thought it was kind of early in the morning for someone to be here and I wondered who it could possibly be. All I was wearing was a skimpy see-through purplish nighty I wasn’t expecting anybody so early in the morning and hadn’t had a chance to get dressed yet. I decided screw it and I walked my slutty ass over to the door and peeked thru the peephole. I saw that it was daddy standing on the other side of the door. “Let me in you little fucking whore.” I heard him belt out from the other side. “I want to pound your ass out before I have to go to work.” As soon as I heard those words I opened the door fast as hell to let my favorite man in the world in. It had been a while since daddy gave me a good ass pounding and my cunt was already soaking wet just from daddy’s presence. Daddy must have been in a hurry because he wasted no time he grabbed me by the throat and slams me against the wall grabbing my pussy and ass hole with one hand two in the pink one in the stink. Daddy likes it when I give him a little struggle and fight him. It turns him right the fuck on. One time when he had me in this very same position I struggled enough to actually get away I was surprised and so was daddy but I sprinted my naked ass down the hallway. He caught up to me in the living room. He got a hold of my hair yanked me backward and threw me hard onto the floor. I screamed out as it was a hardwood floor and it really hurt. Daddy got on top of me bitch slapping me hard across my face and tits. I could feel the heat rise off my skin with each slap that seemed to get harder than the one before. This was like foreplay to us. We were both so turned on it was hours of amazing fucking that neither one of us could get enough of.

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