Tasha does a new kind of Dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talk

I had a “date” with this guy, I only agreed to go on the “date” because he sent me a amazon gift card. He took me to this Mexican restaurant. The food was so greasy that before the appetizers were done I had some awful gas! When we drove home I demanded to smoke in his car so I could let the window down and just blow! We got back to my place and he handed me a tip. God damn it these lonely fuckers will give you every last dime they have to spend time with me! Well I said fuck it grabbed the cash and turned to open my front door. I let out a fat smelly fart out and it was right in his face. He grunted and stepped back. I giggled and grabbed his tie yanking him into my house! “Maybe we should do this another night Tas.” I put my finger to his lips and said “You took me to get Mexican food, you paid for more time you are gonna fucking get it!”

Kinky phone sex

I dragged him to my bedroom and pulled my panties down . I grabbed his tie again and pulled his face to my bald puckered ass hole! “You wanted some Dirty phone talk, lick my pussy and taste my farts!” I smashed his face into my ass and made him suffer while he finally got to lick my pussy! I pulled him tighter and held in a fart, “Lick my asshole bitch!” Just as he started to lick and stick his tongue in I let out a nasty stinky fart and it made him fucking cum!

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