Dirty talking women

dirty talking women

Looking at pictures of my son from the past has suddenly brought baby fever back in to my life, there has never been a time that I have wanted a baby now more then ever. I would love to have another baby as cute and as adorable as my son. It would be a dream come true to have my son fuck me constantly until I got pregnant. I wouldn’t care where I was or what time it was.

It would be on like crazy until my son put that baby in me. I would get all sexy for him too. I would just put on some nice high heels and a trench coat with nothing underneath. I would to be some where in public with him and just flash him letting him see that there is nothing underneath the giant trench coat, but my nice giant tits and my bald wet cunt that needs his delicious baby gravy.

I would visit him at his work and crawl under his desk in his cubical and just go to town on his giant cock. I would suck his hard delicious dick until it began to precum , then in front of all of his co workers I would pull off my trench coat and just slip his hard cock into my pussy. I would ride his hard thick mushroom head while he sat in his office chair. I would move my hips up and down and side to side letting his hard thick cock slide all inside of me making me more wet.  I would begin precumming down his cock letting my cum collect by his balls.

I want his baby so bad that I would jump on to the table kicking and pushing everything off like his papers and his computer and his little cup of pencils and I would lay on my back exposing my wet bald pussy. My son would just pound me on the desk with his cock, fucking me hard and fast. I would have to hold my tits with both hands cupping them together or not they would be constantly hitting my face. I would beg my son to lick my nipples since they would be so hard. My son would then flip me over on to my stomach ramming his cock deep down into my pussy until his cum filled up the inside of my pussy.

After he came deep inside of me I would then tell him that its not over yet and that this was just the warm up until he gets home. Like I said before I’m not gonna stop fucking his hard cock until he puts a baby in me. 

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