ANything goes dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk Dirty phone talk “cumz” naturally to a Trashy party GILF. See I was raised on sex, incest and dope. I was a breeding cow before it became a huge fetish. Men love a mommy with some nice big jugs that understands your cock. Most would be offended by the term do it all whore. I am not. What this sick and twisted mommy has learned over the years is that I am not safe from the sickest of fuckers. And do I fucking care? No, I fucking welcome your dirty perversions and sadistic nature.
And then you already knew that, didn’t you? You know that when you call me that I will be spread wide open masturbating my old cunt already. Does Momma need bread by fido? Let me tell you about that time I backed this ass up on a stallion cock, wink wink!

Dirty phone talk anything goes

Like little sex? Baby I have too many youngins to keep track of already. You wish is my command.
Need a woman who understands Genetic attraction and Incest fucking?
Im all you need and more for a hot confession or sister fucking!
Men sometimes come to me because GILF czarmen look like someone in their life that makes that cock hard.
I can be sensual, dominant and submissive all in the same call. Dirty talking women like me know what it takes to make most men cum on the phone with me. Let me be anything nasty and naughty that gets your rocks off baby!

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