Dirty Talking Women love watching you masturbate

Dirty Talking Women like me love instructing you on how to stroke your cock.

Dirty Talking Women

I love seeing a young hard cock being stroked right in front of me. That is why last night when my grandson was having a sleepover and I heard someone in the bathroom, I was hoping it was his best friend. He looks like he has a big cock i can see the print through his clothes. The bathroom door was left open, and I could see him stroking his big black young meat. He was smelling some panties and looking at my pictures I hung in the living room. I got wet right away and wanted a closer look. I fingered my cunt as I got closer and closer. As i heard him moan how bad he wanted to fuck my cunt I went deeper in my cunt. I couldn’t just watch any more, I walked in the rook and started stroking his cock. He watched me through the mirror as I played with his young black cock. I whispered in his ears how I was going to let him lick my cunt and that is when he started cumming all over my hand. When he finished cumming on my hand he confessed how he does Dirty phone talk with milfs thinking about fucking me. That is the beginning of our long friendship.

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