Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

My daddy made me so sore the day before school. He stretched my little pussy hole so wide. He rammed himself hard and fast into me. I could not believe how much daddy came inside of me. Well while I was at school with a cum filled pussy hole, my teacher told me I needed to earn some extra credit.

Once the lunch bell rang I hung back and told him how I would love to suck his cock into my mouth for some point. He insisted after he got a good cock sucking from me, that he wanted my pussy. I agreed and took his cock down my throat. After he was drenched in my spit he was ready to penetrate my sloppy wet pussy.

I sat on his lap in his chair and slid his cock inside my sloppy wet sore pussy and began to fuck him in and out of me. He could feel the cum in me, making his cock soaked. He pulled his cock out and shot his load up onto my tits and face and demanded I clean his cock off that was covered in cum.

I am such a sucker for a cum covered coke, pun intended.

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