Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I had two of my really good friends over and my mom happen to be walking around naked. When she saw we were all eyeing her, she decided to walk over and be a “cool” mom and have some fun with us. She offered us alcohol and mentioned that they were really attractive.

My guy friend instantly grew a hard on that popped out of his shorts and my girl friend had a sloppy wet pussy. Her eyes did all the talking, aside from the big wet spot in her tiny white shorts. My mom made the first move towards my girlfriend locking her tongue with hers.

My friend was slowly getting undressed by my mommy. I went ahead and followed her lead and climbed on my guy friends lap straddling him so that I could feel his hard on pushing up against my pussy. I unleashed his cock and all three of us got on our knees for him.

We started sucking and tugging on that cock. My mom put my friend on her back and started licking her pussy lips, letting us all know how sloppy she was. I am aching to get fucked. I climb on top of my friends massive cock and start riding him.

We are going to have a serious fuck session.

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